Thursday, February 12, 2015

If you happen to be in Maple Ridge, anytime: Fibres Plus - Basketry, Weaving, Knitting, Spinning

Using the Rick Mercer's line of ... 'If you happen to be in .....' Vernon on September 13th and 14th ...' keeps cropping up as a common thread on this blog promoting unique places in British Columbia.  There are so many small businesses fulfilling the resource needs of hobbyists where all they need is a little bit of publicity.

Vaughn Palmer, in a recent column, mentioned that the BC Legislature calendar is going to be so void of new laws that it will be downright boring.  His headline writer selected:

  A quiet legislature session, knit-picked.   No major policy initiatives expected from B.C. Liberals.  

 Palmer punchline:
 ..... Liberals are deliberately concocting a snooze-fest ...   .... It’s enough to make a fellow take up knitting.

Knitting is fine, and dandy, except that Palmer's job is not to 'knit-pick' but rather 'nit-pick' a Minister who is not accomplished at knowing the difference between right and wrong, knit or nit wit. 
Nit-pick defined:  minute and usually unjustified criticism

Vaughn Palmer's idea of knitting is common hobby within the Legislature halls, both genders.  If he wants to show a bit of flare, not LNG, he could funnel his thoughts to include basket weaving along with knitting to pass the time of day.


When anyone mentions Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta) there is an immediate vision of the devastating forces of the Mountain Pine Beetle here in British Columbia.

There's an aspect to the Lodgepole Pine that requires artists to use selective harvesting from healthy trees.  The needles.   Not the needles that fall from house-bound dry Christmas trees onto the homes' carpets, nor the ones that carpet the trails on the North Shore.


Through the creative eyes of Dale Friend at Fibres Plus in Maple Ridge she has a fabulous resource for Basket Weaving and Knitting AND plenty of        Ideas like these photos ........ a thousand words .... and more .....

Vaughn (Arnold) Palmer golf chapeau

Fibres Plus

Basketry  Weaving 
Spinning  Knitting
Books, Supplies, Tools and Equipment


Maple Ridge

Yellow Copper Wire Basket on Red Wheels

Did we mention Books?

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