Friday, November 28, 2014

Vancouver (BC) View Cones: Google Streetview - GET THE CAR past the Barriers

View Corridor KML file from City of Vancouver

Have you ever asked yourself where oh where are the accessible handicapped FREE parking street spaces in Vancouver? (other municipalities could/should follow suit)   Here's a screenshot from City Hall's Data Catalogue that lists off that kind of information that works well with Google Earth.

DWG   KML   SHP  G    b

Vancouver Tourism officials should ASK,   nicely, that Google Earth technicians drive up to that cliff for spectacular cone of silence views.   Google's streetview does:

Just a Yellow Curb

Almost there in Google but not Earth

Everything is Blurry - for Privacy

Bubble Changer Hardware

Do you think that the people who are buying into Vancouver are searching for the ideal view corridors? and driving up the price of surrounding properties....

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