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BC Liberals Bitter Pills: Misleading Graphs leads to Graft

Sometimes, for Some people, swallowing a pill is not doable.  It's like learning how to ride a bike. Or rather, being told HOW to ride a bike by someone who learned how to ride bike fifty years ago.... what the hell do they know... they drive a frigging car..., or worse, horse and buggies!

I learned how to ride that bicycle long before I learned how to swallow a bitter pill, ..... Aspirin.  When I was TOLD i HAD to take the Aspirin it was an uphill battle for my Mother, she never did manage it.   She gave up finally, Crushed the Aspirin between two spoons, then loaded strawberry jam into the mix and said "Enjoy Dessert"    ....   I did, and spat out the gritty stuff.

At sixteen I was advised that for the rest of my natural life I would be on pills.... twice a day.....  and at that point I was still in the fight of my life, I hadn't conquered that bitter pill routine.  I'd asked pharmacists, you know, those guys and gals (not back then)'s their product...pills... they would surely know how to ... explain  .... in detail... how to swallow a pill.  They had no idea...  I was really starting to wonder if they ever took any of the pills that they sold to others.... maybe I'm the only person in the whole wide world (1.42 Billion people back then) who didn't know how, to.

Along came a buddy, "JR", we both belonged to the same "Gang "... South Vancouver Scout Troop at Knight Road and 49th.   JR didn't have to take pills, no help there, but his twelve year old Kid sister, did know, but didn't have to, do it.

Here's what she said:  'you have to keep the tongue busy, because it will take that aspirin, so too the gritty crushed aspirin, and push it hard to the roof of your mouth, it's a gag reflex ..........   r-i-g-h-t ...'  the tongue has to go hard against the back of your lower jaw's teeth's gum line ...... r-i-g-h-t....'   now put the pill in your mouth...... okay??.....ah-ha....'  here's a glass of water....... keep the tongue busy..... swallow.
It worked, has worked since 1960.  Doesn't matter what size the pill is, it works.
Why all of the talk about a "Bitter pill" when we're supposed to be writing about Graphs and Grafts? 

Because, back in the Fifties through to the Eighties my family NEVER voted for W.A.C. Bennett, nor Bill Bennett, nor his sibling "brother" Bill Vander Zalm.  We were a small business family, Newfoundlanders, came out in the 1860's.... to Vancouver.

The Social Credit Party "died" out in 1990, remember ...... , first Gulf War was a happening, followed hard on it's heels was the Conservative Party of Canada's Brian Mulroney doing his popularity death spiral poutine because of his introduction of the GST!!!, a TAX that no one wanted..... but we still have it today.

BC NDP came to power in 1991 lasted through to 2001 where the BC Liberals ran a smear campaign extolling their ability to do things better.  The majority of voters bought into, all except two seats.
In less than ONE year of our Personal Income Taxes being cut by 25% the BC Liberals' Finance Gary Collins felt that he was obligated to Raise MSP Premiums by 50%!  What a Bitter Pill that was.

Facts not Fiction

In September of 2004, Prime Minister Paul Martin signed an Agreement that gave the Provinces and Territories a Ten Year honey pot of a deal, tranquility in financing Health costs, whereby British Columbia's share of the pie was $5.9 Billion...... for Ten Years... and here we are one year short of 2014 and the BC Liberals have been bumping our MSP Premiums up since 2010.

Where's the missing Money Christy?  Four years worth.


January 2013  Auditor General John Doyle:  Health Funding Explained


Who was the Best Government for BC since 1987?

 Check out Will McMartin over at the Tyee...... with his Post in April of 2009.

Facts not Fiction


More Math from 2004    should be used in 2013     "We have increased health funding by nearly $6,000 per minute" - Kathrine Whittred

BC Liberal Fiction not Fact


Weekend Reading material on MSP Premiums in 1992 $s

Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditures in Alberta and British Columbia: The Role of Sub-National Politics 1992 - 2002*

Daniel Cohn, Ph.D.
Department of Political Science
Simon Fraser University Burnaby, British Columbia 
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