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If the Late Len Norris had to say something about the F-35, it probably wouldn't be much different than what he "said" about the F-18

OTTAWA - Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore is all in favour of sex education for kids — just not at national museums, without prior parental consent.
The minister defended his criticism of a controversial sex exhibit at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in the capital, which prompted the museum to censor a portion of the show and raise the age limit for unaccompanied children.
He denied Opposition accusations that he's interfering with the independence of museums to impose a prudish 1950s attitude toward sex education.  - Winnipeg Free Press     Snip

 Prudish 1950's attitude, certainly not.   That sort of attitude started around the 1980's when James was just a lad of four! (Born June 10, 1976)

 The Late Len Norris, cartoonist for the Vancouver Sun, wasn't kidding when he said that "history repeats itself" (1980).

After listening to MP James Moore last week stating his personal opinion in the House of Commons on when a Museum should be ....... teaching / talking about SEX ...... and at what age....and the same breath his Federal Government (Harper's) is cutting Pension benefits........ to the parents..........   I brought out a Len Norris ... The Best of .... from my "library"

Here's three year old MP "James" in 1980, sitting on his Father's right knee while his sister isn't quite sure whether or not Dad knows what he's talking about.    Meanwhile Mother is saying: "Skip the birds and bees .... what gives with our old age pensions?"    The headline in the newspaper is:

Makes you want to get out the old newspapers microfiche for that particular week/month for the day of June 22, 1980, just to find out if it was Mulroney (Conservatives).  Certainly not the Liberals.

Update May 22, 2012
 Martin Brian Mulroney was the 18th Prime Minister of Canada from September 17, 1984, to June 25, 1993  -  Wikipedia 

Pierre Trudeau .... 1980 to 1984 .... Wikipedia

Joe "Who" Clark  1979 to 1980

Pierre Trudeau    1968 to 1979

No wonder Norris had such a gift, just look at what he had to work with in Ottawa

On the page before the "Sex Ed" course above there's this:

 "You can't beat the old tried and true when it comes down to the ultimate final decision"
 (April 12, 1980)


The book, with Editorial Cartoons from September 19, 1951 to August 9, 1983, is available in the Vancouver Public Library
ISBN: 0-7710-6820-4   Cover Illustrations: Len Norris
These cartoons have been culled from a vast lode I have been accumulating at the rate of five a week for thirty years. (Incidentally, you might notice from the cartoons that history does repeat itself).   - Late Len Norris   1980
Update May 22, 2012
Comment section suggested reading links:

From  Theo there's this background link to More on Norris

Middle of the "pack"  is Norris, just below The Archives

From EdStock over at the Galloping Beaver:
 "Apparently Simon Fraser has his entire collection."    'which consists of 1500 original drawings by the cartoonist'


The SFU Library Editorial Cartoons Collection

Citing Cartoons

If you plan to use the cartoons for a published or unpublished document, we ask that you cite the image.

For the above image your citation would look like this:
Norris, Len. "Debate on the constitution has broken out in Ottawa ... what's new and exciting with you?". February 17, 1981. Accessed from the SFU Library Editorial Cartoon Collection on [provide the date image was accessed in the MM DD,YYYY format]. 


The Norris Collection at Simon Fraser University

In 1996, Len Norris donated 1,500 of his original drawings to Simon Fraser University. Appraised at $150,000, but actually priceless, the collection consists of editorial cartoons created by Norris for The Vancouver Sun between 1952 and 1985.

The cartoons are available for research by faculty, students and members of the public in Special Collections and Rare Books at the WAC Bennett Library at SFU Burnaby.

The 23 drawings from the SFU collection in this exhibit were selected to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of Simon Fraser University's Harbour Centre campus.

Featuring the unruly urchin Filbert Phelps, harried teachers and parents, activist students, staid academics and other legendary Norris characters, they take a whimsical look at education, from grade school to university. Highlighted are several images of Simon Fraser University's exciting early years, a glimpse of our origins as the university enters a new century.

Simon Fraser University conferred an honorary degree on Len Norris in 1995 for his lifelong achievement and for having "enriched our lives beyond measure through laughter". We invite you to enjoy the humour and genius of Norris!

Belzberg Library
April 1999
The Norris Collection Prototype home page


theo said...

NVG - it’s the little boy who is remarking on the pension benefits. :)
Len Norris was a giant among the greats who did editorial cartooning in those years. I suspect he would have a somewhat different take on the F-35 acquisition process than the F-18 given the obvious differences the current government and the RCAF are using. Len Norris was a much more local commentator than most editorial cartoonists. Roy Peterson did way more national news items than Len did. The Sun had two of the best ever editorial cartoonists. Does the Sun even have a staff editorial cartoonist these days?

Edstock said...

Len Norris is a Canadian treasure. Apparently Simon Fraser has his entire collection.

e.a.f. said...

I loved Len Norris. I still have some of the books The Vancouver Sun published with his cartoons. Its fun to read them from time to time because it allows me to see not much has changed.

The man was a genuis.