Saturday, January 28, 2012

(sigh) If you won the Lotto Max $50 million prize on Friday, you could buy something like this.....

4898 Fannin Avenue, Vancouver, BC built in 1915 with the only thing between you and Spanish Banks is the public road and the public beaches, oh and a cliff.  To the west, a forest, all the way to the BC Endowment Lands.   Did I mention the price: recently reduced to $13,980,000 ( 49.274348° -123.224485°).

Or this charming piece of property, 4883 Belmont Avenue,  with a rustic gate, Hydro is connected to the land, no house yet, for a princely sum of $36,800,000 (49.275173° -123.223499°)'d have a cool $14 million left over to build a Bungalow for $1 million and use the $13 million remainder to pay the property taxes for the next five years.  The advertisement says that the property faces the Mountains, Water, and the City.... not Vancouver.... but West Vancouver, on a clear day on all counts.  On reflection though with more information from the Realtors the land could accept three house, three subdivided lots, splitting the Thirty Six, let's call it Thirty Seven Million into threes.   $12,000,000 and the difference being used to build a Bungalow on each.


We could consult Christy on how she would spend $50,000,000 since she's the expert on how taxpayers dollars are doled out, with a smile.  Heck it was only last year that she went from a Nobody to a Somebody by the members of her BC Liberal Party... not all the Voters of British Columbia.  And when it came to the Bye-Election MLA riding of Vancouver-Point Grey where she REFUSED to attend any ALL Candidates to DEBATE, she smiled and then REFUSED all invitations.  But  "when all 167 ballot boxes were tallied, Clark had pulled ahead with 7,371 votes for 48.92 per cent of the votes cast." - CBC.  An MLA with 7,371 votes gave the lucky lady the right to spend our dollars willy-nilly.

Back to that $50,000,000 Lotto Max, I guess one could live off of the interest, not touching the principal.

One could put it in their Will that the next six family generations would be forced to live off of the interest too..... based on healthy investment returns.  So many questions, going from a pauper to a prince over night and still those properties near Spanish Banks tug at the long held beliefs of being "property rich - cash poor" is the best way to live.   After all, just how many people have $50 million to spend at any one given time?

PS   If you really want to see what you could do with your winnings check, out the almost competed "house" at the corner of Belmont Avenue and Blanca Street ( 49.274334° -123.215285°) from the above two properties for Sale at the West end of Belmont, just meander down to the East end of the same street. This property measures 160 feet wide by 550 feet deep!  If bus tour operators believe that Shaughnessy is the best place to show off Vancouver affluency, times have changed.  Make it an all day outing, and see how more of the 1% live.

Here's an abode of one of the 99%, that lives in Christ's Riding of Vancouver-Point Grey.

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