Saturday, January 29, 2011

In other words the BC Rail Trial would be still going on DURING the BC Liberal Leadership race

[14]         The Crown submits that the joint submission on sentence is in the best interests of the administration of justice because the defendants have come forward and unequivocally accepted responsibility for their transgressions.  In so doing, they have eliminated the exigencies inherent in a lengthy jury trial that would have occupied the members of the jury, the court process and court resources for a time well beyond mid‑March 2011 as had been scheduled.

In other words, the trial of David Basi and Bobby Virk would be happening DURING a leadership race for the BC Liberals...... my, my, my but the optics would certainly be bad for the leadership hopefuls, having to fend off questions from the media, not only regarding the race, but the riot of public opinion on whether BC Rail was a steal

 If you want more information, its back to BC Mary's The Legislature Raids on the topic of:

Like BC Rail, B.C.’s water to be sold to the highest bidder? 

and the comments on her blog

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recall Petition RP-CMX-2011-011 aka Comox Valley

Summary of Recall Petitions 2011
The note along the bottom???? the MLA resigned, during the count

Elections BC

Petition expenses limits for proponent and Member: $39,057.55 

UPDATE 7:23am Friday, Feb. 11, 2011 - 115 Canvassers +5
UPDATE 7:30am Friday, Feb. 4, 2011 - 110 Canvassers +3
UPDATE 7:30am Monday, Jan. 31, 2011 - 107 Canvassers +1
UPDATE 7:23am Friday, Jan. 28, 2011 - 106 Canvassers +1
UPDATE 7:23am Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 - 105 Canvassers + 0
UPDATE 7:23am Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011 - 105 Canvassers + 3
UPDATE 8:16am Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011 - 102 Canvassers

Four days into the campaign, fifty six to go.  No Stat holiday in February.  Should be easy.

I know its a +, I just didn't write it down from late last week, besides, Elections BC has this thing about updating their files everyday.   Their copy, the hard copy is kept under lock and key away from the Public.

Their soft copy, the one presented on their website is written over every day, except Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays.

Know the Rules

Monday, January 24, 2011

"The Grassy Knoll" of West Vancouver

"She and her cameraman went to a spot across the road from the rear of the building, climbed on to a low wall and found that, with the blinds open, they could see right into the room.
They got a clear shot of Gillan entering the office, speaking with Heed and leaving.
"It was really brief," said Urquhart. "You could tell from our images he was crying, and I think that's really what pissed people off. They thought that was an invasion of privacy.""   North Shore News

There's one photograph included in the North Shore News article, and it speaks a thousand words.

For those of us who live on the North Shore, there are no borders, there are no boundaries, except that we are hemmed in by the waterfront, the mountains, and man-made highways and its bridges. There are two police forces.  It doesn't take long to know where the local cop shop is, or how to access them, but it appears that there's an easier way to get into the Chief of Police Office in West Vancouver, without going through the front door.

The trick is to find a Low Wall, stand on it, and with your trusty cameraman at your side, shoot your way in.

The blinds surrounding the Chief of Police Office are never opened now.   No sunlight enters the room,  not because of lack of sunny weather.  Its the prying eyes of the news media.    Did I say prying eyes?  Prying high tech digital camera lens eye to be more accurate, and of course, that special Low Wall.

I've spent the last three days trying to figure out just where this Low Wall is.   It could be said I'm too late.  Changes have been made since tears were captured on digital "film" of the brief moment when a letter of Suspension was dispensed by the Chief of Police to one of his Officers.

The chain link fence around the south side of the motor vehicle compound has been made obscured, if you want a see-through look, check out Google Street View, it goes back to 2008, that's a year before things went awry in West Vancouver.

I've taken snapshots with my little digital camera, but I've seen nothing that would even get me near to copying what the news media people accomplished from their Low Wall perch.   The Chief's office for starters, is on the third floor, south east corner, that's visible in the photo in the North Shore News file photo, because if you look closely at the photo you can see the cross bars on the hydro pole, which makes them just a tad higher than the desk that the former chief of police is sitting on.
Off in the distance (of the photo), I suppose one could call it a Grassy Knoll, for the picture has been cropped off the right side and there is a Low Wall there, keeping sand at bay from the grass.

I marched the distance off, from the Garbage Can/"Low Wall" to the corner of the Police station, as the Crow flies, and verified the distance via Google Earth....... 219 feet.     Two Hundred and Nineteen Feet.   At that distance, everyone should feel safe in their own homes, not just the Chief of Police in West Vancouver in his Office.   219 feet, I can't say it enough.   219 feet and the news media could see that a man was crying.   Did they turn away in shame.  Hell NO.   This is a scoop!  This isn't invasion of Privacy.

Here's a photo, two photos merged.   To the far left you can just make out the trash can the other side of the Low Wall.   To the far right, top corner is the public building.  There are two black lines drawn.  First line is from the Trash Can/Low Wall to the Office.  Second line is from the BC Rail Right-of-way to the Office.  The second line ends up on the ceiling of the upper office, the first line ends up inside the office.  Now click on the photo to get a better view.

If the tables were turned, could that high tech camera lens be used against us in our "castles", or is it too late.

For instance, on the day that Dave Basi and Bobby Virk pleaded guilty, the news media were swarming inside and outside.   I thought we were going to hear the last of second witness' testimony in the morning and at the very least the beginning of a former finance minister of BC in the afternoon.  Within minutes it was over, and outside waiting, south side of the building, the camera lenses were aimed at the glass wall, or were they?
Were they, like their brethren digital cameras of West Vancouver, recording what was coming down the long stairs to the outside world.

For those of the public who have never had the pleasure of being inside a glass cage, the Vancouver Supreme Court is it!   And looking back now, on hindsight, the cameras were rolling.   A piece of glass may be a sound barrier to the spoken word, but visually, TWO HUNDRED and NINETEEN FEET  is a drop in the bucket for a hand held digital camera, what I saw outside was tripod mounted equipment.

The rules of "engagement" for visitor to any Court House is this:   "No Weapons, No Recording Devices, No Cameras"      Journalists who earn a living from being a Journalist is entitled via something called "Accreditation"  are permitted to carry a recording device (tape recorder READ digital recorder) but only to ensure that what they eventually publish is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.   No errors are permitted.

I've seen photos where defendants and their lawyers are still inside the Court House, still walking down the stairs, published.  They are almost to the glass doors, and their photos have been snapped.  Oh what the hell, its only thirty feet.   But what of those other photos that have been taken at 219 feet or more, inside the Court House where NO Cameras are permitted.    Is it the physical body of the camera that isn't allowed in the Court, or Police Station, or is it the photograph that is captured on film (read Digital) that is illegal and will not be tolerated!

"You could tell from our images he was crying, and I think that's really what pissed people off. They thought that was an invasion of privacy."
Taking this two steps further, and not picking on the news media alone, what with all these high rise towers in downtown Vancouver where various BC Government employees toil away for their masters.  Do they keep their curtains closed because.............

 Often during the BC Rail trial I observed that the Defendants and their Counsel went outside during "recess", but on Court House property, to have a Cigar or cigarette.  What if the cameras were rolling from the building next door?  The only thing missing is the lip readers.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

MLA Remuneration Indemnities and Allowances...AND Did Kash Heed get the memo on March 2010

I went looking for something that I've read in the North Shore News earlier this week on MLA Kash Heed where the police have alleged that he made payments to campaign worker Sameer Ismail ($2,000) and to Barinder Sall ($4,000), his campaign manager.

From the article (written by James Weldon) I copied "Office of the Legislative Comptroller for the new MLA's constituency office" from this paragraph.........

"Both payments were reportedly drawn from an account that had been allocated by the Office of the Legislative Comptroller for the new MLA's constituency office.  But, according to police, neither man had done work for the constituency."
........into Google and then added "BC" to differentiate it from any other Province that I was searching.  First hit was this on a Government Website of the "Legislative Assembly of British Columbia":
Annual Basic CompensationEffective April 1, 2009, the annual basic compensation per member is $101,859.00
Note: The members’ basic compensation is to be increased April 1 of each year by the percentage increase of the BC consumer price index, if any, for the 12-month period ending on December 31 of the previous year, in accordance with subsection 2(2) of the Members’ Remuneration and Pensions Act. Legislative amendments introduced in the Spring of 2010 called for no adjustments to be made to basic compensation with respect to fiscal years commencing April 1, 2010 or April 1, 2011.
As you can see, the first topic up is "Annual Basic Compensation" and within that paragraph there is this link (take a look at Part 1 — Compensation and Salaries).

I didn't expect Mike de Jong to come onto this blog and state what an MLA's salary is, nor did I expect to be told what a Minister's additional payment is, with or without a portfolio, but my Thanks goes out to the RCMP investigating MLA Kash Heed on behalf of Elections BC request for more information on a 2009 election pamphlet, because this is what I found:

Constituency Office Allowance Effective July 18, 2006, $9,916.67 per month, or $119,000.00 per fiscal year (plus the employer’s share of compulsory payroll deductions) is made available to each member towards the actual operating costs, including staff salaries, of (a) constituency office(s).
Which took me back to MLA Kash Heed and wondering how much his Constituency Office spends each month, not just the one month that the RCMP are looking into.   It doesn't have to be the full $9,916.67.  But that information is not readily available.


Government Caucus BC Liberal Websites.... are cloned to look alike, which allows the Webmasters to update the latest information that the PAB's want to be front and centre on all of the MLAs, at relatively the same time.  Blair Lekstrom is off their list????, so too is Bill Bennett!!!!!, but what of Kash Heed..........   Is the lack of attendance to current details on his website indicative of something else?   Why did it stop being updated way back in March of 2010?

Kash Heed is no longer the Solicitor General, but his Blog says otherwise.   And say it again will you, just who is bringing in the failed photo radar plan?

Third Item is  Statement from Solicitor General Kash Heed 
Fifth Item is  NDP Wants to Resurrect Failed Photo Radar Plan 

To clarify the last item, Paul Willcocks' blog to the rescue:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It would save lives, but photo radar is not returning


 "But the reality is that B.C. politicians have decided it's not worth getting yelled at over an unpopular measure, even if better law enforcement would save lives. That's why the NDP and Liberals both reject the return of photo radar and run like scared cats when the issue comes up.
Mostly. NDP MLA John Horgan did a radio interview in Victoria and said he personally supports photo radar because it saves lives.
Which prompted a quick response from the Liberal caucus communications people (whose salary you pay).
"NDP wants to resurrect failed photo radar plan," the title said.
The staffers crafted imaginary quotes for Solicitor General Kash Heed. Photo radar was a "total failure" in B.C., they imagined Heed saying. "Only the NDP would want to resurrect a plan to use police as tax collectors rather than having them on the street fighting crime and targeting problem drivers.""

And the BC Liberal Government Caucus website has the "Premier" as the Caucus ..... which seems right, after we saw Bill Bennett's outburst.   Why not change the photo to all of the BC Liberal MLAs, or at least the few that are running to be Premier or would that be a violation of the use of public's funds?

NDP leader Carole James confirmed the NDP oppose the 15 per cent income tax rate reduction announced last night by Premier Gordon Campbell - a tax reduction which will put up to $616 back in the pockets of every B.C. taxpayer.
And then the BC Liberals rolled back the 15% Tax Rate Cut ...... go figure.   Doesn't this mean that the BC Liberals are keeping the $616 from our pockets?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kash Heed under investigation ..... No Comment... its before the Courts

We're in the midst of a BC Liberal Leadership race, and now this, another one of those Breach of Trust things pops up

Former solicitor-general Kash Heed is under investigation for alleged breach of trust and other related offences, a recently unsealed search warrant reveals.

Photograph by: Adrian Lam, Postmedia News file

By JONATHAN FOWLIE, Vancouver Sun January 18, 2011

Former solicitor-general Kash Heed is under investigation for alleged breach of trust and other related offences, a recently unsealed search warrant reveals.

Through those searches, police expected to find accounting records, cheque stubs and records of interactions between Heed and a list of people that included Sall, Oppal, the B.C. Liberal Party and Premier Gordon Campbell.


 Elections BC, has rules that has to be adhered to, not just for those of our community who seek to roll back the implementation of the HST, or Recall of MLAs who backed the HST implementation, but to assure the public that a fair and even hand has been used to gain a legislative seat.

These possible charges, against Kash Heed, cannot be discussed by the BC Liberals because its BEFORE THE COURTS.  The last set of breach of trust charges took seven long years to complete, and in the end the accused pair pleaded guilty just before an elected official was to take the stand.

No two trials are the same, no two results can be predetermined, Innocent until proven guilty (or admittance of guilt).... but can we have one promise from the current BC Liberal Attorney General, Barry Penner, will there NOT be a deal struck to pay the legal expenses by Deputy Ministers.  Now where did the former AG Mike de Jong put that report on "who pays what when".

Enjoy your retirement from politics Premier Gordon Campbell, but between now, January 19, 2011 till when the New Leader of the BC Liberals steps up to be sworn in as Premier, you're still responsible for what goes on inside your Caucus, especially the Executive Council (Cabinet). 


Over at the Real Story there's this:

Kash Heed and Fox News BC

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slam Dunk John van Dongen introduced red light cameras March 2009, then had his license lifted

By way of just one example, the former Solicitor General of British Columbia had his driver's license lifted for three months due to excessive speeding.   Two years ago, just before the provincial election, with much fanfare, the SG announced that he would be bringing in Red Light Cameras and then the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles changed all of that.    John van Dongen longer had the authority, plus he was left to fight for his political career by having someone drive him from meeting to meeting.   He won.  We won, because he was taken forcefully off the road.   But what if he, as the Solicitor General had used existing technology that he had installed on the highways to educate him on the fact that he was speeding.  What if the equipment that the Department of Highway uses to count motor vehicles and their speed used it to educate motorists in real time?

In just one week, two pedestrians have been struck down and killed on Vancouver streets.   I'm not saying that the motorists broke any laws in these two instances, but the Provincial government feels so strongly about bringing in the Red light cameras and yet they delayed the implementation by two full years.   The cameras could have been working since April of 2009, just before the Provincial election, and we all know what happened to a provincial government that first implemented the radar cameras in vans.  Is this why there's been a delay of the cameras, because they would be viewed as ONE breaking an election promise of 2001 by the BC Liberals or TWO seen as a CASH COW to help replace a soon to be gone HST?

In my Post on Choke points, the technology is there, embedded in our highways throughout our province's highways.   What's stopping the BC Liberal government, via ICBC, to go on a campaign to educate motorists on Excessive Speed reduction.   In the municipality of the City of North Vancouver, there are signs that are tripped if an approaching motor vehicle is going faster than the posted speed limit, and then it shows exactly what the speed limit is.  Its up to you to take your eyes off of the road to make the comparison to speed that you are doing via your speedometer.

What's stopping ICBC from posting an interactive sign, say for example, on the Coquihalla Highway western choke point near Hope stating exactly what the speed is of a car  ...... 145.32 kilometers per hour (should be doing 110) spit out the fine in dollars AND points that would be added to the driver license if there was a camera recording the data, eg. License plate?   Included with the data could be a total of possible infractions, possible fines turned over to the local communities, and possible monies collected by ICBC via points.

One-time ticket quadrupled 

By Jon Ferry, The Province June 10, 2011

".....she was stopped for doing 110 km/h in a 60-km/h zone. A female cop, lying in wait in Lions Bay, gave her a $367 ticket for "excessive speed."


"Including the fine, the prohibition review letter, the licence reinstatement fee and the three-year driver risk premium, Dixon will fork over a total of $1,708 for that one speeding ticket.".....

If the Former Former Former(3) Former Former Solicitor General John Les has started down this path of education there would have been no need for MLA John van Dongen to have resigned, let alone lose his Driver's license for three months,                 maybe.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Choke points on BC Highways next to have Shadow tickets issued without a sign of the police

"March 10, 2010
NDP Wants to Resurrect Failed Photo Radar Plan"

“Only the NDP would want to resurrect a plan to use police as tax collectors rather than having them on the street fighting crime and targeting problem drivers.”  Solicitor General  Kash Heed

If you go to this map link, noted above, you can click on any of the Traffic Data points that interest you in the Province of British Columbia.

I've selected the Southern Interior Traffic Data Program above.

Traffic Data Program


 The data above includes the Posted Speed Limit and the number of vehicles that have exceeded the limit.

110.10 ---> 115       2,727    Motor vehicles
120.10 ---> 130       3,299    Motor vehicles
130.10 ---> 150          920    Motor vehicles

Posted Speed 110 kph

Red light camera ticketing will soon be here.

There's nothing to stop the BC Government from starting the mail-out for speeding on any highway of BC where these devices are embedded in the roads.  The only things that are missing, is the camera, the 35 year Concessionaire contract and Canada Post.

An informed public will know where to avoid the tickets and by that learning process hopefully their driving habits will be applied evenly throughout the Province.

Problem is, where the public saw the NDP and their Radar Camera Vans as an infringement on their rights and the BC Liberals promising to rid the Province of these devices and were elected in a landslide victory........... its taken ten years for us to come full circle, and the Cameras are back in full force.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vancouver Supreme Court scheduling: Left side Online scheduling ----- Right Side hard copy pinned like a badge to the Sheriff Info Wall

Update at the bottom

New in town, nothing to do, the snow on the roads is stopping your car from moving (use public transit), you want to spend some of your retirement years seeing, and possibly hearing, what's happening at your local court house in Vancouver? or elsewhere in the Best Place on Earth Court houses?

Its easy, just go online and check out the Daily Court Lists provided by the Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia.  (The Honourable Barry Penner is the newly appointed (temporary) Attorney General of British Columbia  due to a Leadership race in the BC Liberal Party.)  Here's what His website has to say:
"In this section you will find a list of today’s scheduled court sittings for both Criminal and Civil matters across the province.  The lists are provided free of charge."
The LIST may be free of charge but you have to realize that the Online version of information doesn't match the hard copy handouts provided INSIDE the Vancouver Supreme Court.   The frustration of the Courts not treating the public equally with those who work inside the Vancouver Supreme Court spilled over at the Legislature Raids yesterday.  With BC Mary at the helm of her blog, one of her commenters left this: "But can We really trust that?"                      (The information from the Courts!)
E.M said...
January 16 is a Sunday, so I am pretty sure it is Feb 16th a Wed.

But can We really trust that? I still do not understand how We believed it was the 11th.Looking to the SC completed list very few do not have when the next appearance is, of course 23299 is blank for next appearance and no results entered for disposition.
Will faithfully watch the SC lists ;)
11 January, 2011 8:05 AM

To which I would like to reply to E.M.

Dear E.M

Forget about faithfully checking in on the SC (Supreme Court - Vancouver) lists Online, Completed or about to happen, they're not a carbon copy of the Lists nailed like a badge to the wall adjacent to the Sheriff Info counter, nor are they the same as the Lists handed out at Counter 204 beyond the glass partition dividing Sheriff from the inner workings of the Court.  The two hard copies, no more than twenty feet apart are identical, so too is the soft copy on the Counter 204 monitor, they're all the same except the one provided to the public, Online.  The distinction is quite clear once you see the Hard Copy and the Online Copy together.  The latter says across the top, PUBLIC ACCESS (see the top photo to the left and compare it to the right)

The Online lists are at best fictitious, and misleading. They are broken down into Criminal and Civil, whereas the hard copy ones are lumped together listed in importance of the Judge such as Chief Justice Bauman, followed by Associate Chief Justice MacKenzie (if she's working that day, and Tuesday she wasn't in a courtroom).  Next in line of importance are the Justices, then the Master Judges and finally the Registrar.  This covers Monday.

Tuesday Vancouver Supreme Court List Hard copy (January 11, 2011) is basically the same but TBA is squeezed in between Justice and Master.     TBA Courtroom????? is Counter 204 from where the Hard copies of the Court List are handed out.

The strange thing about these hard copied lists, from what I've seen in just two days, two mornings, is that its the laypeople who are picking up the hard copies, this isn't strange, but the information contained on the LIST is.

By way of one example from Tuesday, on page 3, there is  "Mr. Justice Willcock, Courtroom 30, Campbell et al v. Minister of Forest et al, CHM, 10:00am VA S107353" .... without a hint of what the acronym/abbreviation of CHM means.   These lists are published using only one side of legal size paper, you'd think that at least ONE page of the other side would have a list of the Abbreviations explained, however that information is only available on the internet.   At home or at the local library, the accessed file with the acronym of CHM isn't there.   Must be out of date.  Via the file Properties the author is  "Justin  Code Table June 9, 2009"  Yep, its well over a year since the file was updated.

A coincidence happened yesterday, and it involved Campbell et al v. Minister of Forest et al.   I singled it out based on the name of "Campbell" and my curiosity was further buttressed because the "Minister of Forest"  was involved in the case.  I even took the time to write it down in my little black book.   "Aha, this case involved the Premier and the BC Liberal Government" and it should be showing up in the daily newspapers.

As it turns out there's another blog that had Four topics on one post at the  - House of Infamy

The Non-existent Plaintiff,
I Thought Aneal GotOff!
The Old Destruction of Evidence Gambit
TeaHadists, take note!

On the "Aneal" topic, the author at the House of Infamy had included a photograph, ONLINE version, and it didn't make any sense at all to him because there was supposed to be TWO court days.   The Non-existent Plaintiff topic involves the Sinixt Nation but the Vancouver Supreme Court LIST doesn't mention anything about the Sinixt Nation

"First up is a hearing/trial start or whatever occurring in BC Supreme Court today regarding the Sinixt Nation and their assertion that they exist, have valid land claims in the Kootenays and are entitled to consultation on logging and other resource extraction projects on land they consider their original territory. Late last year in an almost unheard of action from a court in BC, a hearing about an injunction to stop a blockade of a logging show on Perry Ridge was denied to Sunshine Logging pending the findings of the action beginning today regarding the status of the Sinixt and their claims."         House of Infamy

The Sinixt case is called        Campbell et al v. Minister of Forest et al     this Campbell isn't the Premier.

For more background on this case go to waterwalk and scroll down the front page to Dispatch from Perry Ridge, posted on November 7, 2010. - House of Infamy

As to the photo top left, Aneal Basi wasn't present, the charges against him were Stayed and he walked away a free man.  Whereas lawyers for the three Defendants were present.  The court appearance for Tuesday involving David Basi and Bobby Virk was cancelled and combined with Monday.   Only problem, the Online List "MEMO" wasn't given to the PUBLIC ACCESS first thing Monday morning!   The Date Time stamp of the Online List (my photo) is 2:04pm, when I checked in with the Attorney General website first thing Monday morning there was only one Name for Courtroom #53, at that point in time I saw no need to take a photograph of the LIST, my mistake.  Each time a visitor looks at the Online version of the LIST the date time stamp changes, however the hard copy remains the same, Monday was 8:18am, Tuesday was 8:25am.

Question for the new AG, or maybe its two questions:   Who's paying the defense lawyers to represent their clients in the Special Crown Prosecutor's bid to claw back the documents?   Should the previous question be addressed to the Two Deputy Premiers for clarification?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Red light cameras are coming to British Columbia intersections, but how much will we be paying?


"PHOENIX, AZ—April 30, 2010—Redflex Traffic Systems (Canada) Ltd (“Redflex”) announced its first ever Canadian contract in British Columbia. Redflex and Redflex Traffic Systems, the largest provider of road safety cameras in the U.S., are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Redflex Holdings

Redflex has contracted with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to supply, install and maintain 140 intersection safety camera systems and provide the Image and Infringement Processing System (IIPS).

ICBC is a Crown Corporation that provides automobile insurance and is also responsible for driver licensing, vehicle licensing and registration for over three million drivers across the Province of British Columbia. The Intersection Safety Camera program is an integral road safety initiative operated by the police in BC in partnership with ICBC to reduce the frequency of crashes associated with running a red light in various communities across the Province. The contract is for an initial term of six years with two additional two-year extension options. Redflex was selected after a rigorous assessment process that included a Proof of Performance phase that required Redflex to install and operate six intersection safety systems that were closely evaluated by ICBC.
According to the ICBC 2007 report, on average a fatality occurred every 21 hours on British Columbia’s roads. Canada’s Road Safety Vision 2010 calls for a 20% decrease in the number killed or seriously injured in speed or intersection-related crashes."
Redflex signed the contract back on April 30, 2010;

BC Liberals quietly rewrite the Motor Vehicle Act to include Redflex cameras as being legally recognized devices by the Courts by law enforcement officers, on December 6, 2010;

Attorney General Mike de Jong steps down to run for Premier offering a "dialogue with British Columbians"

Macquarie pursues purchase of ........ Redflex, after having suddenly dumped the Sea to Sky Highway Project


Division 41 — Speed Monitoring and Traffic Light Safety

Devices prescribed

41.01 (1)  Repealed. [B.C. Reg. 162/2001.]
(2)  For the purpose of prescribing a traffic light safety device under section 83.1 (8) (b) of the Act, the following are prescribed:
(a) the Gatso Red Light Camera type 36mST-MC-3LG;
(b) the Gatso Red Light Camera type 36mST-MC-3LGA;
(c) the REDFLEXred-MK4-HDX-200-1100-RLC.
[en. B.C. Reg. 215/99, App. 1, s. 3; am. B.C. Regs. 238/99; 162/2001; 353/2010, Sch. s. 1 (a).]


Vancouver Sun News Alert for Wednesday January 12th, 2011:
ICBC launched a major expansion of its red-light camera program Tuesday with more locations, better equipment and a much greater chance of getting caught. The $20-million expansion will see the total number of intersection cameras in the province rise from 120 to 140.

The Concessionaire agreement can't be too far behind

For those that have read this blog before you might have skipped over a previous post called:

Are we paying too much of a Shadow Toll to drive the Sea to Sky Highway?

 Down near the bottom of the Post I had included this: 
"Macquarie isn't a small company, here's a link to show just how large they are, and what they are involved with under various subsidiaries, starting on page 3 to 22."
Since I wrote the above Post, Macquarie has now sold its interest in the Sea To Sky Highway Improvement Project complete with the hidden Shadow Tolls, which allows it to move on to other "projects" to make more money for its shareholders.  The point is, the reason why I was able to find the list on the internet was because Macquarie was considering purchasing a company called the RedFlex Group.

RedFlex Group specialty in North America is providing solutions for traffic via Red Light Cameras, capturing not only the license plates of those that run red lights, but the dramatic, sometimes deadly results of those who run red lights.

Using "BC red light camera Macquarie" to search Google, the first hit that comes up is with ICBC, the second one is, the third one is with CBC News and all the rest have to do with Macquarie and Redflex Group buying and selling.

For those astute at using their GPS, and to save yourselves from having to pay for running a red light, or for paying for not doing the posted speed limits in School and Playground zones there's always the POI (Points of Interests) for Dummies that can be created.

These Red Light Cameras will not come cheaply, the capital costs will be borne by taxpayers, but the maintenance and administration of the ticketing will in all likelihood be done via another one of those long term Concessionaire agreements with an added touch, I'd bet, of a cut of the "revenue" going to the government.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What if........... British Columbia Rail ......

"PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - Canadian National Railway has purchased the rights to B.C. Rails freight operation from the province for $1 billion.The deal was announced Nov. 25. It's a 60-year deal which can be extended to 90 years afterwards. The province remains the owner of the rail bed and right-of-way."  Truck News January 2004
We all remember the announcement by the BC Liberal Government on the sale of BC Rail, and then we found out it wasn't a 150 year deal, but a 990 year deal which left me thinking, for the past two weeks, what if.....

The public was led to believe in the 1996 provincial election that BC Rail was for sale, if the BC Liberals were elected.  They lost!   BC Rail was saved.

In 2001, the BC Liberals said they wouldn't sell BC Rail, the NDP lost, and by November of 2003, BC Rail was sold to CN Rail.   Between 2001 and 2003, in other words 2002, the BC Liberal Government came out with a news release dated May 30, with a headline banner of  NEW FRAMEWORK,  AGENCY TO GUIDE PUBLIC BUILDING.    And then there was the man himself, Finance Minister Gary Collins making his speech to a close knit group, by invitation only on the same afternoon at the Hotel Vancouver, the topic:
Introduction of New Capital Asset Management Framework and Partnerships British Columbia.   On July 8, 2002 Premier Gordon Campbell was giving his address at the P3 Transportation Conference in Vancouver

Major Crowns restructuring like
Core reviews of BC Hydro which included BC Rail as of May 29th 2003

How much money did BC Rail pay to have the Progressive Group to do the Core Review?

On May 30, 2003, in an Open Cabinet meeting Finance Minister Gary Collins introduced Larry Blain who gave his talk on Public Private Partnerships:

"Typically, we use government debt to acquire new assets. We'd like to see more private capital. British Columbia has the second-lowest debt load per capita or the second lowest debt load – debt as a proportion of GDP – in Canada. But it's still too high a number, and it's been growing. So we'd like to see more private sector capital where possible. Assets typically now are supported by taxpayers. There may be appropriate times when we can have more user fees to pay for assets rather than across all taxpayers."  (eg. Golden Ears Bridge (tolls) versus Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project (Shadow Tolls))
On June 25, 2003 the Finance Minister was invited to yet another Conference to give a luncheon speech on PPP.
Then there was the attempted sell off of the Coquihalla Highway via as a PPP complete with a Concessionaire contract.  It was done up front, and the people in the Interior had had enough of the toll booths, the toll booths that were promised to be removed.

BC wants investors for Coquihalla tollroad
Posted on Sun, 2003-06-29 23:00

The government of British Columbia is looking a sell investors a 55-year toll concession on a 109km (68mi) segment of the Coquihalla Highway. In return for the right to toll and operate roadside businesses the franchisee will maintain, operate, and rehabilitate the highway as needed. No official is on the record about the expected cost of the concession but local press reports have suggested the province is hoping to get about $420m (C$600).
"So far however there are no signs that this will derail the project. The Liberal Government of BC say they are not "selling" the road since the government retains legal title and they are setting legally binding terms of service. Moreover the private sector operators will relinquish control at the end of the concession term."

The Coquihalla was supposed to be on the block for 55 long years and the government would retain legal title.

BC Rail was supposed to be seen as beyond our grasp for 60 years, and the government would retain legal title to the rail bed then another 90 years was tacked on... and then 990 years in total.

What if...... BC Rail was another one of those Partnerships BC Projects that was supposed to be a Public Private Partnership but CN Rail wanted it for longer, almost a thousand years.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mike de Jong wants to give us something NEW, but its already been done before by the NDP

 Update at the bottom  January 6, 2011

Detailed Schedules of Payments for the Fiscal

Year Ended March 31, 1999


Ministry Abbreviations (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Summary of Payments (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Members of the Legislative Assembly Schedule of Compensation (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Schedule of Salary and Travel Expenses for:

Grants and Contributions
Other Suppliers

Office of the Comptroller General Home Page Public Accounts/ Ministry Publications
BC Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
If Mike wants to step up the blog here, maybe he could give us the heads up on why this sort of information was scrapped ??????, and by whom??????, and when???????.

Search Criteria to find the data above:
  Province of British Columbia Public Accounts 1998/99 - Other Suppliers

One example from just over ten years ago:  The Attorney General, same portfolio that Mike had before he resigned, on Salary and Travel.

Dosanjh, Hon. U...   Salary  37,050    Travel 34,611

de Jong, Hon. M...   Salary ???,???   Travel ???,???

Mike could you fill in the missing details?    and don't forget to include your MLA Salary too, not just your Minister salary.

I'm not asking for too much here, a little bit of continuity in the people's access of a free, open and transparent government who appears to have gone out of their way to confuse matters.   After 1999 there should be a file called 2000 and then 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and all the way up to now.  However it appears that once the BC Liberals gained power they've gone about and messed things up, terribly.   They've created broken links, and they're missing graphics, although there seems an over abundance of photos of Gordon Campbell, always readily available.

Reports and Publications Archive

PLEASE NOTE: Due to server upgrades, removal of outdated and redundant information etc., you may experience broken links and/or missing graphics when viewing archived documents.
We do not have the resources to compile historical data for research purposes. Hard copy of most historical documents is available for viewing at the Legislative Library, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, British Columbia.

This BC Government website document is from the "desk" of the Deputy Minister to Colin Hansen.  These are his reports.   Why are they lumped together?   Why is the historical data here?  Why have the MOU from the HST aka Canada-British Columbia CITCA sitting here?   Why the Olympics and why the report from Price Waterhouse Coopers on Doug Walls which sounds a lot like another report regarding a former Deputy Minister in Finance during the BC Rail trial?  And finally why two reports numbered 5 and 6 but nothing on 1,2,3,4 and are there other reports beyond 6?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pray tell where this $30 million cost for a Harmonized Sales Tax referendum vote came from?

Here's one source:
"Officials said Monday the referendum — technically, an initiative vote — could cost as much as $30 million if British Columbians are asked to cast ballots, and about $12 million if the process is conducted by mail."    -  Vancouver Sun  September 14, 2010

"Campbell said he will require only a simple majority province wide before he backs down on the HST.
“If people decide they want to get rid of the HST next September, then I guess we’re going to get rid of the HST next September,” he said.
“There’s no point in going to the people if you’re not going to listen to them.”"

Gordon Campbell says he will accept a simple majority before he backs down, but since he has backed down and has announced that he's resigning as Premier, will the citizens of British Columbia have to take their caps in hand, to beg for the same promise from a new Premier of what he/she will accept on behalf of the BC Liberal Party?

Let's take a step back in time shall we, to 2002, where there was another Referendum vote going on and the initial cost by "Officials" was $9 million, but the final price tag settled all the way down to $3,090, 942

There were eight Questions to this 2002 Referendum, not the one Question that is being posed for this year, so the cost by Elections BC should be even lower than the $3,090,942.

Why all the fuss about the costs?   Well the way the "Officials" put out the info, its almost borderline scare tactics. 
To put things in perspective, when the HST Referendum Question is finally posed, and Answered by voters of British Columbia, there's a possibility that the total cost will be a quarter of the monies that two BC Liberal Deputy Ministers spent, to stop the BC Rail trial from hearing the testimony of Gary Collins.
Six millions dollars covered the costs of seven years of pre-trial/trial by the defense lawyers, just how much more would it have cost taxpayers to have Mr. Collins say his piece for one week!

More Info:
B.C. treaty referendum
CBC News Online | July 02, 2004

Monday, January 3, 2011

In regards to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics shortcoming.

Late January of 2010, I tore a cartilage in my knee, needless to say it decidedly hampered my ability to walk around downtown Vancouver Olympic events, fact is, its only now, early January of 2011 that I'm getting back on my feet after surgery in late October 2010.   I was lucky, length of time wise, waiting for an MRI, for others with a similar injury, they are still waiting.... are you reading this former Health Minister Falcon?

I notice in the Vancouver Sun this morning, on page A2,  "Public spirit triumphed at Games," candid observations (obtained via British |FOI) by British Officials from the U.K. Department for Culture, Media and Sport for they noticed that Volunteers were underfed, the Games colour scheme was "pale and too complex" and drivers became lost due to poor signage.

I have one suggestion, regarding the volunteers, the multilingual ones that is, advertise on their jackets the languages that they speak rather than leaving it up to a visitor (Japanese) to try and communicate with a volunteer who doesn't understand a word of Japanese but is fluent in both German and English.