Saturday, January 15, 2011

Choke points on BC Highways next to have Shadow tickets issued without a sign of the police

"March 10, 2010
NDP Wants to Resurrect Failed Photo Radar Plan"

“Only the NDP would want to resurrect a plan to use police as tax collectors rather than having them on the street fighting crime and targeting problem drivers.”  Solicitor General  Kash Heed

If you go to this map link, noted above, you can click on any of the Traffic Data points that interest you in the Province of British Columbia. 


Map Link above broken, intentionally.

Updated: 2024-03-04

2011 Traffic Volumes:

I've selected the Southern Interior Traffic Data Program above.

Traffic Data Program


 The data above includes the Posted Speed Limit and the number of vehicles that have exceeded the limit.

110.10 ---> 115       2,727    Motor vehicles
120.10 ---> 130       3,299    Motor vehicles
130.10 ---> 150          920    Motor vehicles

Posted Speed 110 kph

Red light camera ticketing will soon be here.

There's nothing to stop the BC Government from starting the mail-out for speeding on any highway of BC where these devices are embedded in the roads.  The only things that are missing, is the camera, the 35 year Concessionaire contract and Canada Post.

An informed public will know where to avoid the tickets and by that learning process hopefully their driving habits will be applied evenly throughout the Province.

Problem is, where the public saw the NDP and their Radar Camera Vans as an infringement on their rights and the BC Liberals promising to rid the Province of these devices and were elected in a landslide victory........... its taken ten years for us to come full circle, and the Cameras are back in full force.


ron wilton said...

If you Google you will see a lot of voter anger in the places throughout the US where they have been situated.

Interesting that the company that 'sold' our municipalities on them (Redflex) is in the process of being bought out by G.Campbell's favourite criminal organization, Macquarie, the same company that collects the shadow tolls.

Also of interest is that as much as half of the fine goes to the camera company in Australia.

North Van's Grumps said...

The public has been able to show their ire when it came to the introduction of the HST in June of 2009, when it could have been fully debated during the May 2009 election. The result thus far is to secure a commitment from the BC Liberal government of a date, and time, on when a vote can be taken in 2011 to sort out the HST.

It would appear that more Initiatives may be afoot UNLESS the BC Liberal government quietly introduces amending legislature to put a stop to the Initiative law that was supported by 83% of the voters.

They've changed the Motor Vehicle Act in early December 2010 so that RedFlex technology can be used to issue tickets, and they did it without the public's knowledge.

"Arizona and Florida Introduce Red Light Camera Bans

January 11, 2011

The first day of legislative cycles have begun in Arizona and Florida.

Bill sponsors and their cosponsors in both states are extremely confident that red light cameras will be turned off and taken down by year’s end. The recent election results in 2010 that saw several cities ban the red light ticketing scam continue to prove that the system is extremely unpopular.

The two operators of the ticketing machines, Redflex Traffic Systems and American Traffic Solutions are currently tied up in lawsuits in which both are suing their own customers, the cities they operate in."

Anonymous said...

In this province, we can't trust the camera's, any more than we can trust, Campbell, the BC Liberals, the RCMP, the judicial system, BC Elections, the media, and yes, the Macquarie company. Any thing hooked up with Campbell, is bound to be questionable. Campbell favors, corruption, theft and greed. The cameras can be calibrated, any which way they choose to do so. We live in a dictatorship. We can trust nothing, and no-one involved with Campbell. We have learned this the hard way. Campbell lied twice to be re-elected. Nothing is beneath his dignity.