Tuesday, October 1, 2019

If the letter 't' is missing in a word like 'trump', no great loss, but if a 't' is left out of the word 'matter', a 'spy' emerges

With all the high tech equipment that we work with nowadays its so easy, so comforting, to let the computer do a document spell check and then assume that all is in order, subsequent copies too.

If the President (USA) with all the President's Men (9?) are sitting around the WH Cabinet table reading that PERFECT document regarding the phone call to the President of Ukraine, would one splendid individual raise his hand to point out an error in punctuation, or an extra space?   Would the Donald be happy with the interruption?  Would the 9 confer, immediately, with one another about different punctuation locations?

Of course not.

However if each copy had a unique error for individual participants, a space there, a dot here, a tilde everywhere, then those copies could be traced from one specific individual to say Australia's Rupert Murdoch of FOX news which would have the same flaw.


Emptywheel's post today:
ODNI GC Klitenic: President has sole authority over security clearances, but is not member of intelligence community

Tail end of the third line above and onto the fourth line:

"Mr. Klitenic explained that, as a legal mater, the DNI does not have the authority......"

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and cc: to five others


Does the Inspector General of the Intelligent Community and Ranking Members have unique errors in their copies?

Does the Press have copies of the copies?

Has the Press created unique errors too in their documents?

... a spy emerges and its not the Whistleblower, it's rump!