Friday, February 15, 2019

The Hook: Andrew MacLeod: Clerk Basic Salary: November 23, 2011: 'an arrangement was made'

The Tyee
The Hook
 Published November 23, 2011

(MacMinn) “I’m not disclosing my basic salary,” he said in an interview, though he noted he is paid less than he was when he was clerk. “The remuneration aspect of the thing, as you know, is personal. We don’t disclose those things.”

MacMinn said an arrangement satisfactory to all sides was made between himself, speaker Bill Barisoff and the current clerk, Craig James. He will stay for two years and provide advice to the legislature’s table officers as long as he is useful, he said.

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J MacDuff (Weatherguy) said...

It occurs to me that this was a government contract. It should be offered to other people also. The fact that it was a an "agreement" between three close Civil Servants should have been investigated immediately. I guess Vaughn and Keith were, again. too busy.