Thursday, February 28, 2019

Puzzling: Why would Fa"S"ken Law Firm use a Toys'R'Us product to convey ..... 'solving complex business problems' .. is easy?

Four pair of hands (possibly eight people)(count visible fingers for more accuracy for billing purposes)(two fingers from a fifth person), manicured, working on a twenty-four piece puzzle designed for children.... prop purchased from a recent bankruptcy case.

Why are Fasken's charging so much for their services?

Why do their clients pay so much?

One Answer? advertising costs money!

Vancouver Sun, NP5, 2019-02-28

The amount of money that Fasken, as but one example of a law firm in British Columbia,  has billed its clients (BC Government included) so that their corporation could donate to a political party of their choice as a tax write-off, could have been used  by successive provincial governments to fund Legal Aid in the first place.

Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun

In a shakedown submission to Attorney-General David Eby on Feb. 15, the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers (A.L.L.) said the strike was necessary because the rule of law was threatened by the chronic underfunding of services for the needy.

They have seen a raise only once since 1991 — a 10 per cent boost in 2006, lifting the $80-an-hour tariff to an average of $88 an hour.

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