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The missing $500,000 and Craig James points to the Guilty party: Conflict of Interest Commisioner's pension

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J. Horgan: ........ Also, as I look at legislative operations, there's a $500,000 variance year over year, and I'm wondering is that also a result of the absence of a fall session?

C. James:  In terms of your first question, I believe -- we were talking about this earlier -- that the cost of running the Legislature for a sitting day is approximately $30,000.  So depending upon the number of sitting days that we would have over the course of the autumn, if we just multiplied that times $30,000, roughly speaking, that would be the amount.

The balance of the amount is coming generally from Legislative Facility Services, I believe, and the Sergeant-at-Arms has reined in a number of different projects, if he wishes to speak to that topic.  The legislative operations amount has nothing to do with House sitting or not sitting.

J. Horgan: Then why have costs gone up if it has no bearing on sittings?  I assume that in that first quarter there was nothing going on because we were in the middle of an election campaign.

C. James: Right.

J. Horgan: But yet there's a $500,000 increase in costs.

C. James: Well, the $500,000 increase in costs is partly to do with Legislative Facility Services expenses which are carried over, I believe.  Gary (Lenz), can you comment on that?

G. Lenz: Over the first quarter, there'd be a variety of projects, depending on a time if the House is sitting or not sitting.  It's the timeline of when facilities can do work with the facilities.  Throughout the cycle of the year you'll see it go up and down on the capital and other projects, depending upon if the House is sitting or not, when the members can get in and do the work within the facilities.

C. James: Additionally, there was an additional payment made to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner for a pension that was never honoured during his first term.  That was provided to him just after his term expired but, I believe, before he started his next term.  Anyway, it was just following that amount.

J. Horgan: On that question, was that taken to the Finance and Government Services Committee for approval?

C. James: No, I don't believe it was taken to the finance and audit committee.

J. Horgan: No, sorry -- the standing committee, which reviews independent officers' compensation and operating budgets.  Would that have been done by the Finance Committee?   I'm looking at someone I think is on the Finance Committee, but....

C. James: Well, as I understand it, the decision and the payment were made during a period of dissolutions.  Consequently, there was not committee.  I understand that there was a written legal opinion in terms of the liability the Legislature faced in terms of the payment to Mr. Fraser.  I understand, too, that there was a company called Hewitt Associates that was involved as well, in terms of the review of the obligation facing the Legislative Assembly.  (Google Search for HA)

J. Horgan: Well, perhaps is the Clerk could provide me, after the meeting, with the legal opinion and the decision-making process that led to that, that would be great.

C. James: I'd be very happy to do so.

Les Leyne: Explains the $500,000

de Jong asks: Who is management of the LAMC?
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December 6, 2018   When the shit hit the fans 

M. Polak: The first question is: can we know whether or not the allegations related to the suspension of the two senior officials are related to fraud? Can we know that?  ...................

Mr. Speaker: Well, perhaps it’s now time for me to make a brief statement about this because it’s garnered such public interest. It’s really been something that seems to be all-consuming for so many people here. ..........................

 January 26, 2019
Bob Mackin
Now we know why the alarm bells went-off for Speaker Darryl Plecas, after the Jan. 21 release of his scathing report on corrupt activity in the B.C. Legislature.

 January 27, 2019
Bob Mackin Podcast: Rockpile roiled, as speaker reveals Victoria’s spending secrets

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The Blues

Speaker Darryl Plecas

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