Thursday, September 6, 2018

Is the symbol/words for the 'Cul de sac' street sign Gender Neutralized? NO!!

 According to scientists, the very first organisms to dare engage in sex were more like Adam and Steve than Adam and Eve. - Seattle Times

Adam and Steve

Eve and Adam


British Columbia highways and municipal streets must adhere to the principal of "Gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language that avoids bias toward a particular sex or social gender."  

Anatomist James 'Douglas' Pouch' = Cul de Sac
 These Signs are Definitely not Gender Neutral


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Cul-de-sacs: Dead Ends in More Ways Than One:    Rule 2 for sustainable communities:   Design an interconnected street system.

The Tyee

Patrick M. Condon   22 Sep  2010

 The major disadvantages of the dendritic system are that almost all trips are made longer than they would be if the system were interconnected and that it is prone to congestion since it provides no alternative routes away from main intersections.


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