Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Will Judi ask Gordon to Co-author a sequel to Daggers Unsheathed: The political assassination of Rich Coleman

Background Reference for Sequel:

Google Search Criteria:  Glen Clark raid, Casino gate

It's just been brought to our attention that the title of Judi's next book will NOT be "Daggers Unsheathed" because in the Georgia Straight January 2018 issue .... there was Martyn Brown's column:
... Unlike almost every other person in this position in Canadian history, Rich Coleman has barged right into his party's leadership race, endorsing one candidate and alienating supporters of five others. ....
I bet you're curious to know what a cuban dagger is, right?


If there is a trial involving a politician then there'll be no need for Judi to rewrite two pages on Judge Bennett  who not only sat on the Glen Clark trial, but worked on the BC Rail court case as well until her promotion.

The Legislative Raids Blog:

BC Mary ......   here's Judi Tyabji Wilson's assessment of Judge Bennett in court on June 28, 2002, when listening to final arguments at the end of the 8-month trial of former premier Glen Clark (who was acquitted, btw):

The judge looked less tired than previously. Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett appeared to be in her late 30s. She was attractive, with an almost shoulder-length cut of thick dark hair. And she had a dimple when she smiled, which was rare. Her dark eyes followed everything in the trial, and her forehead often creased in a thoughtful frown as she processed the information presented to her. Her patience had been obvious in many instances and her written presentations on rulings throughout the trial were thorough, intellectual, and full of legal references ...

Judge Bennett had to be looking forward to the end of the trial, but she gave no indication of her feelings, remaining as stern as ever. She was very careful and very good at her job. She looked like she could clean up in a poker match. At one point, [David] Gibbons [leading defence lawyer] made a joke and everyone laughed, including Bennett. She looked so much younger when she smiled, and very playful. It was as if a mask had slipped, but it had slipped briefly, and she resumed her professional air. Sometimes there was a hint that she had a good sense of humour but clearly she liked to have a controlled, professional atmosphere in the courtroom. Too much humour, or too much posturing, was discouraged by the occasional comment from the judge's seat. Otherwise, she rarely interrupted.

[Daggers Unsheathed, the political assassination of Glen Clark, by Judi Tyabji Wilson, excerpted from pages 265-266.]

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e.a.f. said...

some one paid Judy to write that? hope no one paid to buy the book. the writing is terrible. teenage stuff.