Thursday, June 21, 2018

MP Jonathan Wilkinson's Constituency Office sends out partisan messages: Join his Team at a public parade: Sign up here

As a Constituent of North Vancouver I was not surprised to receive an email from our Member of Parliament, Jonathan Wilkinson, with an invitation to the Lynn Valley Days parade; Canada parade July 1st; and the Canada Day Waterfront Park festivities.

 Join Jonathan this Saturday!

Don't forget to join Jonathan and Team Wilkinson this Saturday morning for the Lynn Valley Days Parade. This is a fun opportunity for community members of all ages to march with your local Member of Parliament and represent the Government of Canada in the parade.       

See below for full event details and be sure to RSVP if you would like to join us. Please also feel free to share details with friends and family. .....

John Wilkinson is the Public's Member of Parliament, not the LIBERAL PARTY's

These public events are supposed to be non-partisan and to reinforce that, Wilkinson and his office handler Braden McMillan, Communications and Outreach Assistant, went to great lengths to make it abundantly clear that the events would not be marred by those looking for political gains.

There was one caveat though, of course, one exemption, and it only applies for the sole benefit of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Braden McMillan's bottom line:
NOTE: All events are non-partisan. Please do NOT wear or bring anything with you that would be considered partisan in nature. A limited number of branded t-shirts will be loaned out for the duration of the event but it is recommended that participants wear red in case supplies run out.

What is the criteria to be able to join Jonathan's Team Wilkinson?   May anyone get up on the Team Wilkinson bandwagon at the events, or is it a life long partisan commitment, or is it only for the next federal election, or support for our local hockey teams?

It took awhile to find the answer on the internet, and Team participation is for a very select group:   

Team Jonathan Wilkinson at a Canadian Government website:  under the banner of a smiling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Trudeau Team is not for layperson participation.  The minimum requirement, to be on his Cabinet Team, is "Parliamentary Secretary" of which Jonathan Wilkinson received.


There are two more partisan events:  July 1st parade down Lonsdale; and partying afterwards at CNV Waterfront Park.

Last chance to join the Wilkinson Team.

Make sure your T-shirt is Red on White.


B said...

Will the Liberal team be wearing non con /promising magical garments? Will they be sharing their pipeline?

If I were to go... I think I would like to bring rotten eggs and tomatoes to share.

Anonymous said...

Red is the colour of the maple leaf and our flag... how is that partisan? Andrew Saxton also wore red in the parade so are you saying he was secretly supporting the Liberal cause?

North Van's Grumps said...

"Team Wilkinson" operating out of the Constituency Office?

Liberal Party of Canada

2017-2018 Riding Executive
Position Name
President Kimberly Anthony
Vice Chair Stephan Kolper
Secretary Norma Wieland
Organization Co-chairs Robin Hira, Duncan Frostick
Policy Chair Derrick Johnstone
Director at Large Hasem Deihimi
Director at Large/Commumications Chair Kevin Evans
Director at Large Erin White
Director at Large Ken Kramer
Director at Large/Events Chair Shirley Friesen
Director at Large Amin Amlani

MP Jonathan Wilkinson

Commission Reps
Seniors Joanne Barker
Young Liberals Simon Bower
WLC Nada Bayloun
IPC Vacant
Fundraising Chair John Whyte
Treasurer Murray Campbell
Member at Large Don Bell
Member at Large Karen Fraser
Member at Large Karim Lalani
Constituency Liason(sp) Braden McMillan

Each Member of Parliament has ONE (1) employee in the local Constituency Office.