Thursday, May 31, 2018

Distracted Drivers: Automobile Dash Clocks have always outnumbered 'hand-held' Wrist Watches

Time has always been an issue when it comes to traveling from point A to point B and C and D and etc..

I don't have the time that Watchismo Times does which lists by years that automobiles have come equipped with the basic dash package, which included the clock, digital or otherwise, right there in front of the driver / passenger line of sight of the road.

 Why is it drivers caught by law enforcement officers today still use the excuse that they were looking for the time on their hand held device, rather that using the dash clock?   The first thing that law enforcement officers should do is to take a photo of the layout of the dash of the vehicle to prove that a clock does exist.   And then declare that the image will be included if it goes to trial.

iPhone in Canada:
Motorist charged with driving while holding a hand-held communication device under the Highway Traffic Act.

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