Friday, February 2, 2018

In light of historical #MeToo: Did former Premier Christy Clark handle Mr. Ken Boessenkool's indiscretion properly with a free trip to China, and back?

New 1130: January 26, 2018
As the #MeToo movement spreads to politics north of the border, former BC premier Christy Clark is speaking out about sexual assault, harassment, and aggressive and unwelcome advances. .....

..... “Men have a vital role in this. The vast majority of men would never behave the way that Patrick Brown and Kent Hehr are alleged to have behaved. But the fact is that in a workplace with few women, as politics very much still is, sexist and inappropriate behaviour happens a lot.” .....

Gary Mason: Globe and Mail: 2012

.... As has been widely reported, Mr. Boessenkool was dismissed for purportedly making an unwanted advance at a Victoria bar toward a young female political staffer in the B.C. government. In his letter of resignation, which did not describe what happened, Mr. Boessenkool admitted to acting "inappropriately" and said he regretted his behaviour.  He apologized to his wife and four young daughters.

At the time, Premier Clark told a news conference she had known about the matter for about two weeks. She said that as soon as her chief of staff informed her about what had happened, she asked Lynda Tarras, head of the Public Service Agency, to commence an investigation.

This didn't stop Ms. Clark from taking Mr. Boessenkool with her on a business trip to China the next day.  ......

Video @ 2:08 (multiple indiscretions): Former Premier Christy Clark on Mr. Boessenkool's right to privacy as an OIC appointee to her Office

The trip to China was already on Premier Clark's agenda when the incident was reported.  Instead of telling the Chief to take a sabbatical, she took him along on the trip to China to get him, and her, out of the spotlight of the Press / Public questions!

It would appear that Christy Clark holds Patrick Brown and Kent Hehr  to a higher degree of scrutiny than that of her Ken Boessenkool.


e.a.f. said...

of course Ms. Clark handled it appropriately, just ask her and her collegues. every thing they did was appropriate, you know the money laundering, the selling off of B.C. housing, just keep the list going.

The B.C. Lieberals lacked such "appropriate" ethics, it didn't matter what they did, what happened, as long as they stayed in office. That in my opinion is the only thing which mattered to them.

davemj said...

Who can make the decisions to have these terrible dishonest deeds investigated?surely this comes under dereliction of duty? If the N.D.P.want to remain in power as the Govt they better take Wilkinson and the sale of those properties sold privately to developers without putting them out to bids from the public.Also, Colman, DE JONG, Clarke, Reed, Yap, and the rest if need be if need be.Also, haul Campbell Collins, DeJong Bruce Clarke and the rest of the players in the B.C.Rail scandal, also the firing and coverup of the healthcare workers. These people should not be allowed to be involved in any Govt business a lifetime ban after Jail.All I can say these criminals should be accountable let us start a petition any takers.