Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rich Coleman's secret swearing words dictionary reserved for BC Liberal Caucus: Loudly #2: Traitor!!! Silently #1: Quisling

I was born in the early 1940's where 'traitor' was used extensively; 'quisling' less so.

To now hear BC Liberal Temp Leader Rich Coleman using the word 'Traitor' to describe Darryl Plecas, a fellow caucus member, simply because he put his name forward to be the Speaker of the Legislature begs the question:

"Has the 'Temp Leader' silently used the word Quisling to label his former Leader/Premier who assisted the opposition with a First, Made in BC, Clone Throne Speech by stealing election planks from the British Columbia New Democrat Party and the British Columbia Green Party?"

quisling: a person who helps an enemy that has taken control of his or her province

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e.a.f. said...

ah, never. he understood she was simply taking a last ditch effort to see if they could get the greens to vote with them.

Plecas did the right thing if he joined politics to try to make things better.