Monday, July 10, 2017

If the BC Premier's Office "Public Key Contact" titles remain the same, and so too their phone numbers, will ...?

 .... those who are 'outside of government', but having enjoyed the BC Liberals Premiers ears for sixteen years, find themselves talking to the BC NDP staff?

Will the new government have access to the phone records of the Premier's office to see who has been calling?

Is there such a thing as a '404' error message to those dialing in .....?
Related Contacts:

» Office of the Lieutenant-Governor
» Legislative Assembly and Independent Offices
» The Judiciary
» The Executive Council
» Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office
» Ministries
» Crown Corporations
» Public Agencies

Will all of the BC Government links to the former Premier be wiped out along with all of the photo-ops?

 Has Flickr been informed?

Flickr, BC Government
The really bizarre happened when Christy Clark replaced Gordon Campbell.  Every photo of Campbell in relation to his achievements were immediately replaced with Clark as though she did it all for the BC Liberals.

Will the public now see Horgan's image where Clark was  .....?

Interesting comment from e.a.f. which left us making a suggestion in the use of the Internet Archive search engine:  Wayback Machine

We've always used  a complete url, a specific url that was used by eg. BC Liberal party on Events for fundraising.

Should have remembered the old saying: Keep it simple stupid!!!

bc liberals  =*/bc%20liberals*/


e.a.f. said...

OMG that was funny. don't think Horgan's picture will replace Christy's any time soon on anything except where the msm can blame Horgan for Christy's mistakes.

North Van's Grumps said...


I always thought that the Government Websites were set up by the same people who are in the process of handing the thick binders to the new BC NDP Cabinet ministers eg. Public Service.

Now it looks as if 'government websites' is, was, a function of the BC Liberals OIC appointees. eg. Brian Bonney 50/50. May we now expect to see a wholesale slaughter house of the images and writings of 16 years of BC Liberals shenanigans? Internet Archive: WayBackMachine will be having a field day.

e.a.f. said...

It will be very entertaining. I'm sure there are more than a few, perhaps 200 B.C. Lieberal p.r. hacks dusting off their resumes. gotta wonder where video boy will land, him of the tweets, just the right amount of crazy as he toured the world with Christy on our dime, o.k. thousand dollar bills.

Mining some of that stuff will be entertaining, but alas, the new government will have to get to work on the real stuff to improve the lives of many in the province.