Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What would Ken Davidson say about Air Christy? Vaughn Palmer June 22, 1994 column: Private companies could be cheaper, eh

Vaughn Palmer:

Within a 200 page report prepared by Ken Davidson, director of program evaluation in the finance ministry, his team of analysts spent the better part of a year reviewing the government air operation and the services it provides, mainly air ambulance and a shuttle for cabinet ministers and bureaucrats.  He concluded that private companies could deliver the service more cheaply, while the government could reap additional benefits by selling the assets.

The Davidson report led directly to the decision to get rid of the air service, but unfortunately for the NDP.  Premier Mike Harcourt and Finance Minister Elizabeth Cull made the call without consulting other members of cabinet, which has some ministers picking holes in a report that they weren't permitted to examine beforehand.

BC Legislative Library Source

More to the point, how has Air Christy track record stacked up against the Davidson Report.

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