Thursday, June 8, 2017

1983 BCUC dissenter had his reasons for Site C rejection then, which is still valid today

Page 70 of 340  'cost as great as its total social cost''

1983 BCUC report on the benefits, or lack thereof, building Site C (originally based on sales to California) is available at your local library

BCUC Site C report 1983

Site C report : in the matter of the Utilities Commission Act, S.B.C. 1980, C. 60 as amended and in the matter of the application of British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority for an energy project certificate for the Peace River Site C Project.

by British Columbia Utilities Commission, B.C. Hydro

British Columbia Utilities Commission, 1983.

BCUC Commissioner D.B. Kilpatrick

Page 333

Page 334

BC Hydro Policies56045

25 pages of Policies
 which equates to 442 policies PLUS  the A, B, and C's within the 442 

Site C Schedule 1980

Page 30 of 71  1982 - 1987
Site C Schedule 2016 Page 57

So why, with all the heavier earth moving equipment in 2016, is it taking longer to build Site C?

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