Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is Christy Clark going through the motions, or movements, of transferring power? Has she consulted the BCUC?

CBC: Beginning of the End for Christy Clark

Those closest to the premier emphasize that she is not gearing up for a final fight, that her decision to stay on and face a vote in the legislature is based on her desire to see any transfer of power happen through a democratic process.

"She has every right to go through the motions she has outlined," said former Liberal strategist Alise Mills.

Reminds us of a joke from the sixties:

Did you hear about the gal who fell into a cesspool?

She didn't know how to swim but She went through all the movements.

what's the difference  ..... Movement is booming, motion is on a steady decline


J MacDuff said...

She has always respected the law. Yea, right. She is clinging on to power to try to "turn" an MLA or two (in backroom deals) and gain time to depose of documents. Yet, she speaks about back room deals between the Greens and NDP. Word salad, while self serving. She is a cornered rat and is acting accordingly.

e.a.f. said...

OMG that is funny and yes so true, I'm sure if Christy lands in the cesspool she will feel right at home.

They need all this time to shed documents, triple delete and destroy computers. Then there is the small issue of appointing all their appointees for a few more years so if the NDP fires them they will have to pay them out and of course signing all sorts of contracts for Site C and anyone else they want to ensure gets their end of our tax dollars.

The only way Christy will leave the premier's office is being dragged out while she claws to the desk. ah, the time has come to say good bye, etc.