Monday, May 29, 2017

BC Tolling of bridges, not tunnels, is based on 'significant increases in capacity'. Port Mann Bridge has not had significant increases, eh

If the public is still wondering why Premier Christy Clark chose to build a bridge to replace the George Massey Tunnel rather than twinning the existing tunnel, look no further that the confining language written by Premier Gordon Campbell from .....
April 26,  2003

Why build a bridge from Richmond to Vancouver when the latter is incapable of handling existing volumes of motor vehicles?

And then ask the question why wasn't Kelowna's bridge not included in the tolling regime of the BC Liberals.  Vote buying? 

This policy is intended to be FAIR and EQUITABLE to ALL British Columbians and APPLIED ACROSS the province.

British Columbia.
 Ministry of Transportation
  Open Cabinet Submission:

Open Cabinet Submission: Highway Tolling Policy for Decision


The province has recognized the need to increase investment in transportation infrastructure.  It has been determined that significant highway capacity increases can be delivered through public-private partnerships that will entail the levying of tolls.

The Transportation Investment Act, passed in the Fall 2002 session of the Legislature, is enabling legislation that permits the province to enter into these partnerships.  A tolling policy is required to establish where,  when and how tolls will be instituted and how various concerns arising out of the use of tolling will be addressed.  This policy is intended to be FAIR and EQUITABLE to ALL British Columbians and APPLIED ACROSS the province.  etc. ......

Guidelines for Tolling - Policy Paper

2. Guideline for Tolling

In some cases, tolling of users will provide the most appropriate means for recovering some or all of the costs of a significant investment in new highway infrastructure. In order to provide for the use of tolls, the government has developed a number of guiding principles. 

2.1 Only major projects that result in significant increases in capacity will be subject to tolling. 

Tolls should only be applied to offset cost for significant investments that primarily expand or extend highway capacity. NEW roadways, NEW bridges, and major highway upgrades, such as four-laning of a two lane highway for a substantial distance, would be subject to tolling.  etc.
Small improvements, such as passing lanes, and improvements whose primary purpose is to address safety and reliability concers, such as realignments, would NOT by subject to tolling. In some cases, a substantial portion of the cost of a major highway upgrade will be for significant safety and reliability requirements as well as the need to expand or extend highway capacity. 
 In some circumstances, the cost of the safety and reliability improvements may be funded by government, with tolls recovering ONLY the costs related to the increase in capacity.

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