Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All the Glitz and Glamour on Christy Clark being the longest serving Premier is false according to Brad Bennett

Vaughn Palmer
Bennett replied that Clark was not running for a fifth term. She is just now wrapping up her first full term as premier. “She’s running for re-election and she deserves it.”

Gordon Campbell 'won' his election but lied to voters by bringing in the hated HST and was forced out by his incompetent RADAR.  The BC Liberal Party anointed Christy Clark who then proceeded to complete El Gordo's failed FULL term of office.

Part Terms don't count as FULL Terms

Christy Clark has only had ONE full term as a Premier IF she is there for the swearing in of the next Premier.

Therefore Brad Bennett is absolutely correct when he spoke to Vaughn Palmer yesterday.

And furthermore Christy Clark and her handlers, including Brad Bennett, have been lying to the public just so she can have photo ops.

Omhhhhhhhhhh  Omhhhhhhh   Omhhhh Omh


34th Campbell, Gordon Muir     June 5, 2001 - Mar. 14, 2011               37-39

35th  Clark, Christy                    Mar. 14, 2011-  ????                             39-40

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