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Mr. Jiles and Mr. Giraud are among the biggest Liberal supporters on a list of 53 frequent donors

May be a 'misunderstanding': B.C.Liberals

In a statement, the B.C. Liberals downplayed the Globe and Mail report, saying the donations may have involved a "misunderstanding of the rules around political contributions in BC.
"We are taking immediate steps to ensure all donors understand their legal obligations under the Election Act," said party spokesperson Emile Scheffel in a statement.
 Will there be an audit trail so that the correct names of the donors will be held accountable, instead of Jiles and Giraud?

Globe and Mail ..... Elections B.C. probes BC Liberal Party fundraising  

ElectionsBC   FRPC    Contributions to the BC Liberal Party from Mark Jiles

First of three   Second of Three    Third of Three


Byng Giraud (former VP of Imperial Metals)


Who's behind Woodfibre LNG  - Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society


Globe and Mail  Kathy Tomlinson
 Mar. 05, 2017 9:35PM EST 
.... Both registered lobbyists acknowledged to The Globe they were actually buying Liberal fundraising tickets on behalf of their clients and companies, then getting reimbursed, which is against the law.

“That’s an indirect political contribution and that’s not okay,” said Ms. Western. “You can only make a political contribution with your own money – and you can’t be reimbursed.”   ....

.... Mr. Jiles and Mr. Giraud are among the biggest Liberal supporters on a list of 53 frequent donors, compiled by The Globe, who also gave multiple times under their own names. They are all lobbyists, executive directors and others who get paid to act for special interests.

The revelations about their funnelled donations come two months before the next B.C. election, which the Liberals will finance with a record $12-million raised by the party last year – much of that through heavily criticized cash for access fundraisers.   .....

Kathy Tomlinson reports  Mar. 05, 2017 9:07PM EST

With no limits on political donations in B.C., the provincial Liberals raised an astonishing $12-million last year. One alarming source: Lobbyists are giving tens of thousands of dollars in their own name – and some power brokers are breaking one of the few rules the province has in place.


Per year donations by ....  in blue, Election year    

                                [ Times per year     

2017    $      50           1

2016    $ 1,625           4

2015    $10,542        17

2014    $20,770        24

2013    $  5,680          9

2012    $  6,577        13

2011    $18,715        25

2010    $22,600        22

2009    $  7,895        15

2008    $  1,740          5

2007    $  2,353.50     8

2006    $  1,865          4

2005    $  2,332          3

           $102,694.50    150


 BC Liberal Party Website

Real-time Disclosure

Link to news release: BC Liberals lead on transparency, accountability with real-time reporting of contributions
Recent Corrections — Amended.
2016 Contributions — Amended (V4).
2017 Contributions — January 13. — Amended.
2017 Contributions — January 20. — Amended.
2017 Contributions — January 27. — Amended.
2017 Contributions — February 3.
2017 Contributions — February 10.
2017 Contributions — February 17.
2017 Contributions — February 24.
2017 Contributions — March 3.


Globe and Mail

Five men guilty of breaching federal lobbyist code

OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2011
Mark Jiles
Mr. Jiles was a Vancouver-based consultant with a lobbying firm called the Progressive Group and another firm called the Blue Stone Group but did not register as a lobbyist.

The Progressive Group was hired in 2006 and 2007 by the State of Washington to find business opportunities related to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. One of the company’s jobs was to build strong relationships within senior political and Olympic circles. For that, it received nearly $50,000.
The Blue Stone Group was retained by the Motion Picture Industry Association of British Columbia between 2005 and 2007 to persuade the provincial government to extend its foreign tax credits and to persuade Ottawa to drop its plan to tax residual profits on motion pictures made in Canada. Mr. Jiles was also paid for those services.

Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada

Report on Investigation — The Lobbying Activities of Mark Jiles


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't the Contributor make one lump donation of $1100 for the day? Guilty about the measly morning $500, then decided to top it up with an afternoon bonus of $600?

Contributor Name Date Amount

MARK JILES 1/31/2016 $500.00
MARK JILES 1/31/2016 $600.00


"That's an indirect political contribution and that's not okay, said Ms. Western. You can only make a political contribution with your own money “and you can't be reimbursed. "

Anonymous said...

Mer on Twitter: "Typo alert. This should be $39M
(sounds like a BCF building loan in Victoria?)

Anonymous said...

North Van's Grumps said...

Today's debate question period in html text:

MLA David Eby grilling MLA Rich Coleman on Wall's donation using BC Housing funding had the BC Liberal saying.......

Hon. R. Coleman: The member was on radio in Kelowna the other day saying that we did something that we've never done. Again, he didn't have his facts. So I'm going to give him some factoids. Let's give him factoids. ......


The Speaker of the BC Legislature should speak to her learned Craig James or is it Jame Craig, on the topic the definition of factoids as to being true and correct:

Factoid was coined by Norman Mailer in his 1973 biography of Marilyn Monroe. Mailer described a factoid as "facts which have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper"