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How many times are BC Hydro Customers going to pay for failed attempts to save Hydro Transmission Poles?

BC Hydro:
 Why we're increasing rates:  A look at how we're meeting growing electricity

BC Hydro Wood Pole Performance

The  'Bowen Island Study' is really a study on Salt Spring Island

Wood Pole Test and Treat Maintenance Program - BC Hydro

If in doubt on the effectiveness of the boron sticks, use a field bandage .....

And its good to go for another 50 years

In real life, not all hydro poles have such ease of access as that which the study used on Bowen Island

A City of North Vancouver Park    Hydro Pole

Google Earth KML Files

BC Hydro Pole at Yellow Marker above
looks kind of rotten down near the ground

But that's okay because it has a Full Bandage Wrap

The Boron Sticks????

When the angle of the dangle ...... is on a 45 degree slope

(White line projection) pops out the other side one foot below the ground


Pulled out of the Ground

The Boron stick is nowhere near the rot which is five to seven feet down


Concrete-replacement-for-wood-BC-Hydo-Poles of the 1970s - 1980s which was a promise to ratepayers that the BC Hydro poles would never ROT

Was true.

But then there's been no mention of the minor detail that the structural galvanized metal inside the concrete poles, would, and did, RUST out.  

Result: Another failed experiment that continues to drive up the cost of electricity today
Spun Beaton Concrete Pole now used as an Ashtray
Therefore Many Ashtrays, or crushed for use on highway projects.

Spun Beaton Concrete Poles manufactured in Kamloops 1980's

 Kamloops This Week:
“Concrete poles, they’ve been around a long time — since the ‘70s,” BC Hydro community relations manager Dag Sharman told KTW.

“We identified a potential safety issue with the concrete poles and that’s why they’re being replaced.”
Highland Powerlines is the contractor BC Hydro has hired to switch out a number of concrete poles in the Kamloops area, and project manager Rob Oleksyn said the issue has to do with the steel re-enforcement inside the concrete.

“There’s an electrolysis issue they’re having,” he said.

“The concrete is a conductor because it’s got steel inside.

“It’s causing the bolts to fail. It’s actually deteriorating the galvanized bolt inside the concrete pole.”

Oleksyn said a worst-case scenario would likely see a downed line, but Sharman said no issues have been reported and the switch back to wood is a precautionary measure.

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Anonymous said...

    "Kamloops-based SCAC"

    One wonders: Who owned the spun beaton concrete pole manufacturing company in the heart of 1970s SoCred country?


Jan 12, 2015
Prepare your business for outages: pole replacement work to accelerate in 2015

Bend-and-break: innovative wood pole program pays off - BC Hydro

The Georgia Straight
Homeless in Vancouver: Forestry’s concrete fears for wooden utility poles
by Stanley Q. Woodvine on January 21st, 2014 at 12:33 PM

 .... A report put together in 1989 under the auspices of the Forest Resource Development Agreement, titled "Substitution: The Real Threat to B.C.’s Wood Products Sector", raised the alarm where utility poles were concerned  .....

Substitution: Page 16 of 43
 ... Substitution by alternative materials poses more of a threat to the wood products industry than sales ..... made by spun tubular concrete and sheet steel fabrications. As if to ... Beton Products Ltd. of Kamloops).

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Anonymous said...

"Kamloops-based SCAC"

One wonders: Who owned the spun beaton concrete pole manufacturing company in the heart of 1970s SoCred country?