Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The BC Liberals Founding Fathers speeches to Partnership BC 2003 has landed taxpayers into jail of debtors

From the very beginning each successive British Columbia (party) government ended with a doubling of the provincial debt.   Case in point, the landslide victory of the BC Liberals rallying cry for a 'New Era' in 2001 was to eliminate debt build upon of the BC NDP.

That same cry is raised each and every time the BC Liberals start their campaign for re-election .... which is the day right after being sworn into Office for a four year term.   Their election messaging is promoted 24/7 and its always blame the BC NDP for our debt.

Norman Farrell looks at the larger picture, the one that the BC Liberals prefer to ignore:  Contractual Obligations which are not counted as Debt until the last penny is paid off.  eg. Port Mann bridge and highway 1 upgrade and ...... the $600 million  Sea to Sky Highway with its shadow toll paying off the remaining $2,000,000,0000 via Lower Mainland gas tax.

... Liberals argue that none of the $101 billion of contractual obligations at the beginning of the current fiscal year represents debt. Regardless of what politicians argue, the claim does not pass a test of common sense.  ....

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, February 22, 2017
..... the Liberals are budgeting to raise the total provincial debt to $70 billion in the year ahead, up from $45 billion when Premier Christy Clark took office.
This graph, created for Partnerships BC, started the BC Liberals clock of accumulated debt, two years into Gordon Campbell's rise to his Premiership.   One Billion a year.

BC Liberals take off the BC NDP  ....... from 1994 to 2001

Norman Farrell expands on the BC Liberals contribution

 May 28, 2003   

Vancouver Board of Trade presentation, Public Private Partnership Solutions in British Columbia by Larry Blain, CEO of Partnerships BC

May 30, 2002
Minister of Finance's Speech regarding the Capital Asset Management Framework and Partnerships British Columbia
BC Finance Minister Gary Collins, 'I Swear to tell the Truth the hole truth ....

Strategic Shift in Thinking of the BC Liberals have rewarded their friends handsomely to the point that it is the corporations and unions that are bankrolling their election war chest to $12 million and counting.    There's no guarantee that every member within the union votes for the BC Liberals whereas there is a guarantee that the Murray Edwards of this world has only ONE vote, even if he is a resident of Alberta while running the ship of Dam Breaker Mount Polley.

Why is it that a Credit Union like Blue Shore Financial takes to single out one political party candidate over any other on the north shore?

Government bears most risks?  On time delivery?  Government continues to protect public interest?

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