Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fraser Institute study: Premature deaths of sucessive Premiers Fathers due to alcohol consumption: Campbell and Clark

The Vaughn Palmer's column on Premier Christy Clark latest family revelation must have sent alarm bells off at the headquarters of the Fraser Institute.  How to explain the odds of two consecutive Premiers of British Columbia losing their fathers, prematurely, to alcohol.   BC Liberals only? or of any political stripe?

Before Gordon Campbell's landslide victory in 2001 he did an interview with MacLean's (original now stashed at the Canadian Encyclopedia) as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in 1999.
.... beneath the surface there were darker currents: Chargo Campbell was a workaholic who drank heavily.
Christ Clark is a no holds barred kind of politician who will use every 'device' available to protect her BC Liberal dynasty and although her privacy is protected by FOI legislation she then throws her family under the bus, for public scrutiny.

Clark tells the public that her son Hamish is off-limits but has him standing side by side on the podium, and then invites a Vancouver Sun journalist to ride along while mom Christy drives her son to hockey practice where the talk is all about running another red light because 'she does all the time'.

The Premier admits the BC Liberal Party's gifting of a $300,000 stipend over the past six years to their Leader has distracted the public, and with the Provincial election mere months away Clark appears to be grabbing at straws now, a last ditch effort to win back-to-back. (Harry Belafonte)

MLA Christy Clark represents Kelowna - West riding, the stronghold wine grower region of British Columbia, so naturally she leans, is bent, towards promoting all things related to alcohol, and then earlier this week she rolls out her family's loss, prematurely, 20 years ago.

Plenty of mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and cousins and grand parents have lost family members to Fentanyl.

Her unspoken response is 'I share our pain'.  Get over it for the next 20 years.

The B.C. premier’s linking of alcohol and mental illness drew some telling comments as well. Anonymous comment:  “You talk about your father’s alcoholism yet you are making liquor more accessible? Unending liquor announcements.

The premier has often cited Jim Clark, a Burnaby school teacher who ran unsuccessfully for the Liberals on three occasions, as an inspirational figure who whetted her appetite for politics.

To my knowledge this was the first time she publicly discussed how depression and alcoholism contributed to his early death, more than 20 years ago.  “It is a tough way to grow up for a lot of families,” Clark continued, after a slight groping for words.

“A lot of people have experienced that.”   SNIP

But no personal confessionals stirred as much emotion as the one she made last June, after all parties in the legislature united to support tougher guidelines for dealing with sexual assault at post-secondary institutions.

“As I sat in my chair on the floor of the legislature, it struck me: I knew all too well why women stay silent. For over 35 years, I’ve been one of them,” wrote Clark in an opinion piece published in The Vancouver Sun.

She went on to recount something she’d not talked about before — the day when she was pulled off the sidewalk and into the bushes by a stranger bent on doing her harm.   And how, despite being very scared, she managed to wriggle free and run off to safety and a silence kept for decades.

Has Christy Clark's revealed her family's personal details without first seeking consent from the rest of the family?

Has Clark's parents-siblings-Aunts-Uncles-children-cousins agreed to Clark's public exposure of the skeletons in the family closet?

There was Clark's joke about the 'limp microphone'   ....  and then the on air radio declaration of wanting to be seen as a MILF.

The only family member she hasn't tainted with her revelations directly, is her brother.  Indirectly he has enough personal political baggage from the BC Rail File and last year's helicopter visit by the Premier donating funds that were not asked for to the Haida Gwaii in the middle of a local election had her brother standing in the wings wanting the Haida Gwaii to buy into his IPP Wind Farm proposal.

The public is well aware of Gordon Campbell's drinking spree on Hawaii which resulted in mug shots and the order from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles to surrender his British Columbia driver's license ... to then being chauffeured everywhere.

Was that stipend benefit provided by the BC Liberal Party on government business?

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Lulymay said...

I guess I'm just a cynical voter, but death records are available at BC Archives 20 years after the death of a person. There is also a record that documents the cause(s) of death as well. I'm thinking the current premier is even more cynical than me and decided to garner a more than a little sympathy just before the coming election. She has a history of exploiting any and all situations, be they fact or fiction.