Saturday, January 28, 2017

What Next? New York Times exposes British Columbia's Health Minister sending the organs of 914 fetanyl deaths to land fill

 Fake News!

What Next?

New York Times exposing British Columbia's Health Minister sending the 8 organs per person multiplied by 914 fentanyl death overdoses to the land fill instead of saving ..... lives ...
One organ donor can save up to eight lives. The same donor can also save or improve the lives of up to 50 people by donating tissues and eyes. More than 120,000 people in the United States are waiting for organ transplants. [Solid Organs: Hearts, kidneys, pancreases, lungs, livers and intestines].
In the local north shore news   View from The Ledge - Keith Baldrey quotes local British Columbia's coroner and medical officer on THEIR view from the death ledge by including the silver lining happening in New Hampshire:
“I don’t know of any jurisdiction that has the resources to be able to provide treatment on demand,” she said, noting that 18 U.S. states had higher drug overdose rates than did B.C. “If you look at New Hampshire, for instance, they saw a 1,100 per cent increase in organ donations mostly because of drug overdoses. This is how hard this is hitting North America and we’re not alone.” 
It only took Premier Christy Clark five years to realize that the optics of accepting a 'bribe' to cover her $50,000 expenses per year, while working on her Party's re-election winning chances in May, wasn't the greatest idea on her part, especially when one considers that it was the Leader of the BC Liberal Party that provided it......  Christy Clark (Leader).

We've just heard from a Tipster that the BC Liberal Party will announce between now and the May election that government has saved more lives than New Hampshire did in one year, and the patients will be voting in support of Christy.

Current Statistics Donors / Recipients

2016  Deceased Donors  74   of   914

 New York Times

How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples Across America

Canada?  No Stats
British Columbia?   No Stats

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