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Trans Mountain Pipeline only to be built to supply CHEAP gas for BC and in the event of war with the Soviet Union

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  Sean Kheraj
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Historical Background Report: Trans Mountain Pipeline, 1947-2013
4.0 Incidents and Oil Spills on the Trans Mountain Pipeline . .... Incident types reported to NEB, 1961-1996. • Causes of .... vapour pressure hydrocarbon product. 2.1. ..... Pipeline Spill History Table, ...
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Origins and Rationale for Construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Section Summary:

Between February 4, 1952 and October 17, 1953, Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Company constructed a long-distance oil pipeline from Edmonton, Alberta to Burnaby, BC and parts of Washington

The original purpose of the pipeline was to create markets (both domestic and foreign) for newly discovered crude oil resources in Alberta following the discoveries at Leduc in 1947

All parties involved in the decision to approve the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline envisioned the pipeline serving the economic interests of BC by supplying the province with  CHEAP, accessible oil

Trans Mountain also envisioned the pipeline serving a strategic defence purpose in the event of war with the Soviet Union

The Board of Transport Commissioners approved the pipeline proposal following three days of hearings

The original pipeline approval process did not involve public consultation nor did it involve environmental assessment
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How many jobs after building the pipeline?  The Premier says thousands

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