Tuesday, January 24, 2017

BC Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick 2016 body paint publicity stunt? an Apple Orchard. 2017? Bull - SHIT

We haven't found an image of a Cow doing this to a bear, but it is symbolic of how the BC Liberal government's Members of the Legislative Assembly treat taxpayers by their spending far too much time raising their funds while mixing it with official duties where they just happen to be in the same town on their days off of Saturday and Sunday.  
China - Trade Mission with BC

MLA Norm Letnick as an apple orchard last year

Can you spot the bad apple?

BC Liberal Government model is NOT a no-name stock photo, its MLA Letnick
Why, oh why did Letnick handlers place him at the public trough?  Was it because the 25% tax credit can be passed onto the BC Liberals from farmers.......? 
The credit is worth up to 25% of the fair-market value of the qualifying agricultural product and must be claimed in the same year that a charitable-and-other-gifts tax credit for individuals or deduction is claimed for the donation by a corporation. The farmers’ food donation tax credit is in addition to the charitable-and-other-gifts credit or the deduction.

This year, after snubbing the Abbotsford Pacific Agriculture Show  to spend his time raising funds for his Premier's riding in Kelowna, he has since backtracked (Mike Smyth) (Vaughn Palmer).  Palmer has suggested that the Minister should be body painted as a Turkey, we disagree, there is better choice, one that is more represented of them.  (Norm Letnick's Calendar 2016 of meetings and phone calls)

Provincial elections has taken the candidates our from  appearing in public to defend what he/she would do if the Constituents gave them a majority of votes whereby the BC Liberals $12 Million dollar war chest is used to elect the party, no matter the quality of the Candidate.

WE would rather have the North Vancouver - Lonsdale riding, currently held by Naomi Yamamoto, spend ALL of her time, after the Writ has been dropped, IN the riding, talking to ALL of her constituents rather sitting back on her haunches and letting the BC Liberal Team bombarding blanket advertising.

Two or three All Candidates meetings is not enough to be able to reach out to the public.  A school gymnasium is not a venue by which all questions can be asked, nor questions answered.

Why is it that when a constituent contacts the MLA by email for help, the MLA then sends out regular updates on what the BC Liberal Party is up to?  Why should there even be an Unsubscribe when there was NEVER a Subscribe mentioned?

The next full page add promoting Norm Letnick, the Agriculture Minister?


Feet to the Left; Head to the Right; Knees pulled up to the Front for ease of Gassing off from the Rear
Oh ... Bull Shit

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