Sunday, December 4, 2016

Seriously Melissa? Just how conscious is Kinder Morgan concerned about your safety, or the public's?

'Cover girl' definition:  a female model whose picture appears on magazine covers.
This is Kinder Morgan's level of concern for the transportation of oil from Alberta to Burrard Inlet to the Pacific Ocean.

Kinder Morgan's 'safety' of their employee(s) falls well outside of WorkSafeBC's regulations.
Melissa Williams, Millwright
Have you noticed how poorly maintained the PIPE WRENCH is?


Just like their Pipelines and Tankers?
Dreadlocks - a hairstyle in which the hair is washed but not combed and twisted while wet into tight braids or ringlets hanging down on all sides. 

 WorkSafeBC regs  on dreadlocks

NEB on Kinder Morgan


How much oil is going to pass through Burrard Inlet now?
Kinder Morgan -- Oil Spill clean up?  'With sufficient insurance capacity to pay..  Hopefully not ICBC

Kinder Morgan Spill History 
Table of Spills


Lulymay said...

I don't know, NVG, but I think that model looks more like a guy with phony dreadlocks on under a hard hat. And a millwright attesting that pipelines full of dilbit are quite safe and she/he is totally covered from a safety point of view. I find that rather a huge stretch for me to even try to have faith in Kinder Morgan.

North Van's Grumps said...

Lulymay ....

If Melissa lived in a neighbourhood, Burnaby, that had her employer running a new pipeline through it, could she still claim 'Everyone around here is a neighbour or a friend'

Tal Hartsfeld said...

All feel-good imagery and no substance (or integrity).

e.a.f. said...

that ad was a joke. it was some one who lives in the land of photo ops who created it. perhaps they were going for the hippie environmentalist look. failed, but then all those commercials simply are to boost the queen of photo ops position in the upcoming election. Kinder Morgan might as well save their money. Not many people believe their ads. Most people understand their will be oil spills. Its just some think its worth it if they can get well paid jobs.