Monday, November 14, 2016

Water Management for Oil and Gas Activity BC Oil & Gas Commission 2015 Annual Report. Source Lake Louise moved to Northern BC

This image looks familiar ..... Canadian Rockies .... but something's not quite right about it .... the image .... its a mystery .... hotels have been cropped ...
2015 Annual Report  Bluffs to the Left ....

Bluffs and the Hotel are to Left which means the canoe rentals are to the right (north)
Why would the BC Oil and Gas Commission ... commission a report to British Columbians using a lake that sort of looks like pristine Lake Louise in Banff National Park, ... as a SOURCE for their fracking water supply in Northern British Columbia, eh?

Stock Photo, maybe, but never with the bluff's to the south (left).  Was the image intentionally flipped to deceive the public that the lake is somewhere in 'British Columbia'?

Which raises the question:

Is the information that the BC Oil and Gas Commission spews out every year actually true?  Are the financial realities of oil and gas revenue askew? Or more like this from Norman Farrell's In-Sight.

Norman Farrell   In-Sights  Something is rotten in the state of


Ah this looks like the Lake Louise that we know!!!

Canoe Rentals to the Left (south) towards Calgary / Hotel to the Right (north) towards Jasper

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

British Columbia. Oil and Gas Commission    
Water Use in Oil and Gas Activities : Annual Report on Short-term Water Approvals and Use

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Grant G said...

Good work NVG....My guess is..all part of the "clean LNG " image the BC Liberals are trying to portray...A pristine lake with fancy hotel ....Good work