Sunday, November 20, 2016

BC Liberals Christy, Mike and Terry still stand by their original claim of 'Fentanyl Laced Marijuana Innuendo' distractions

With all the sounds of scurrying like rats seeking a safe haven from the public enlightenments that there is no record, but there are errors, of stacks of media cheese Fentanyl laced marijuana.

With a cursory look at Vancouver's Crime Heat Maps, resident Premier Leader Christy Clark could have ascertained just how invalid her claims would look like before taking a stand at the limp microphone.

The draw back to this sort of map would just draw the users to the hot spots, eh.  Why go to UBC...oops that's not part of Vancouver.

An official announcement from the Clarklandian Minister of Public Safety released last night, Friday November 18th at 7:03pm (i.e. less than one hour after a particular GlobalBC 'news' item):

The Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris has issued the following statement on the overdose crisis:

"I’d like to put a stop to the distraction from the deadly serious issue of our overdose crisis that has been taking place today, with regard to Premier Christy Clark's comments that we had a confirmed case of marijuana laced with fentanyl.

"As we’ve all heard from the Vancouver Police Department, this was reported in error, and we’ve also heard from the RCMP that the reports out of Masset earlier this week are also not confirmed.

"With that now clear, let’s move forward in our fight against this deadly drug. We continue to warn the public that any and all drugs can be tainted with fentanyl, including marijuana. We implore everyone to take this caution seriously as we are seeing an average of two people dying a day in this crisis in our province. Let’s turn our focus back to saving lives."


Crime heat Maps

The statistical data used for these maps are gathered from PRIME (Police Records Information Management Environment) and represent actual crime reported to the Vancouver Police Department.
Due to a possible lag time in the data, it is possible that a very small number of offences could be absent.

Speaking to reporters today, Clark said the toxic narcotic had turned up in pot seized by Vancouver cops.

“Vancouver police did a major seizure, they found cocaine with fentanyl, heroin with fentanyl, methamphetamine with fentanyl and marijuana with fentanyl,” she said.

It’s a worrying claim, but it’s also one that’s news to Vancouver Coastal Health’s Chief Medical Health Officer Patricia Daly.

“I can only speak for what we know in the Vancouver Coastal Region, and we haven’t had any reports of fentanyl contamination of marijuana here at this point,” she said.

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