Friday, October 14, 2016

Its a Gamble? So why should BC Hydro rates go up to build Site C when BC Lottery produced $3.1 Billion Revenue in 2015/2016?

The latest version of statistics from the Lottery corporation is in the simple, to understand, numbers.

Factoids, beating of the politicians chests.

Three years of BC Lottery revenue sent down to the BC Liberal held ridings communities would build Site C, right?

Seems strange that BC Hydro Site C, which would benefit all of British Columbia with lower rates is being squandered by the politicians while incurring long term, heritage, debt rates for consumers.

Community Impact Report 2015/2016
73%???  Foreigners included??? 15% tax on Winnings

To be able to generate a tally on how many adults are participating in gambling, would there be a requirement to provide proof of individuality S.I.N.; passport

Community Impact Report 2014/2015


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