Sunday, September 11, 2016

One Metro Vancouver distracted driver was caught glancing at the time on his Cell Phone: $383 fine

The motorist must have been driving one of those cheap foreign cars, like Vancouver Sun journalist Pete McMartin's foray into the oil patches of north eastern British Columbia in his Fit car at Fort St. John's.  Fit, if you don't know it, doesn't come with, or without, a spare tire. Something to do with gas saving advertising.  If motoring is in Metro Vancouver, who needs a spare tire, there's always BCAA to call upon.  Without a spare tire guarantees Fit's advertising is correct when it comes to kilometres per litre.......  McMartin had a flat tire.  McMartin had to wait for the bus to arrive from Edmonton.  McMartin had to get in line with a tire shop which was already over booked for the month.

McMartin, being a reporter for PostMedia, magic happened in the line up sequence.

The Province newspaper Letters to the Editor category has all sorts of readers making suggestions on the motorist caught looking down at his cell phone, what else would he be looking down at????  a  NSMiBsHA problem          Irritable Bowel Syndrome, No.

The perp was caught by the police officer, and then gave the excuse that he was looking at the time on his cell phone, not looking to see if there were text messages, nor responding to a text message.

The Federal Government of Canada should make it mandatory for all cars to have dashboard-wind-up, non-electronic clock devices and maybe THAT would reduce the use of 'looking at the time on the cell phone' as a valid excuse for looking at a cell phone.

New £160,000 Bentley comes with the option of a solid gold Breitling clock for the dashboard - for £110,000 alone

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