Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A freebie from Kinder Morgan: Fix the water main adjacent to Lost Lagoon. No strings attached

Boy oh boy, in a heart beat, Kinder Morgan's public communication department should have called Mayor Gregor Robertson, and Metro Vancouver (including Burnaby), that their company, at no cost, would fix the chlorinated drinking water pipeline from spewing out 430,000 litres per day into Stanley Park's Lost Lagoon for FREE.

FREE advertising would follow simply by the fact anyone who drives, or rides, or walks the Causeway would see that there is a good side to Kinder Morgan.

The Vancouver Sun's layout for the second section of two front page articles couldn't have been put in a more prominent location.    Kinder Morgan would have paid thousands of dollars to Post Media for such a setting, maybe they did, but the events that brought them both together happened within the last four days.

All it would take to solve the water problem would be a good will gesture to Vancouverites by Kinder Morgan.

Oil and water doesn't mix except in this one instance.

Kinder Morgan has the equipment, the man-power, the expertise, the willingness (maybe) to step up and show the world that they take their jobs, their industry, their failures, seriously.

Do they have the resolve to set differences aside and act together to save a National Historic Site of Stanley Park?

Otherwise, if Kinder Morgan does absolutely nothing to assist a National Historic Pipe, 430,000 litres of water lost per day, the ire of motorists because the Causeway will be reduced to one lane in each direction then those seeking to punish Kinder Morgan more so on the oil front.

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