Sunday, July 3, 2016

While Premier Christy Clark Dipsy Doodles around the province .... meanwhile back in Victoria its all about the GPS Doodle Challenge

dipsy doodle: 
a quick dipping motion, such as that made by football players to avoid a tackle.
  • an act or movement designed to evade, confuse, or distract an opponent or competitor.
Premier Christy Clark's flying travel costs are fast approaching $600,000 and if anyone is interested in following along with her three years of flight plans rolled into one map .... there is an earlier example of a British Columbia minister, of Education, that set the copper standard for flying ... the same guy who admitted he didn't see the HST on his Radar:
Since being appointed Education Minister last March, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 95 schools and half of the province’s 60 school districts. I’ve met with hundreds of teachers, students, parents and administrators.  Hon. George Abbott - Vancouver Province
32 school connecting dots are by no means an exact copy of just where that Minister of Education traveled in eleven months, but they are in a somewhat chronological order of his visits to "95" schools out of public system containing 1,631 and the 345 Independent Schools which he oversees as well.
Abbots Flight Costs Under $3,000

No RCMP security Officer otherwise the expenses would have doubled.


Meanwhile back in Today's Sick Culture of Victoria (May 31, 2016) government employees are ensuring that before they set off for the wilds of British Columbia looking for new Coal deposits destined to China, its best to learn how to use a Government Issue (GI)  GPS with clear instructions and in ideal weather conditions.

Meet at on the Empress lawns: .......

GRCT GPS Doodle Challenge

GRCT Doodle Map of Victoria  An hour and a half from Start to Finish


Our challenge is to, in teams of 3 or 4, create a GPS doodle by walking around downtown Victoria with an iPad and GPS app. You will use your GPS track to draw a picture. Bragging rights are on the line.   Best drawing, most creative, most legible, most business like, most (?) – we’ll collectively judge our work afterwards around a table over dinner and drinks. Need some inspiration? Check out these examples (don’t get too overwhelmed – this guy puts hours of thought into this stuff and cycles around):

“It’s all connected” • A doodle for the CAO

For the past few days, I’ve been cycling about in the nation’s capital – Ottawa, Canada – creating a doodle on behalf of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, or CAO.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the doodle underscores a key message of CAO’s new campaign, “It’s All Connected” – namely, that an eye exam by an optometrist can reveal health issues elsewhere in the body, like brain tumours, hypertension and diabetes.

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