Thursday, July 28, 2016

BC Premier's $50,000 Stipend guarantees that the BC Liberal Party's 'family first' fundraising events come before Public duties:Voting

A little known fact to the Public is the political etiquette that is practiced when the absence of either leader of the Government or the Opposition Party is not at 'work' as an Member of the Legislated Assembly.    Premier Christy Clark has been missing from the action in the legislature so much that we've lost count, whereas Opposition Leader John Horgan's one absence was noted by Christy Clark in her 'replies' during Question Period when the BC NDP caucus popped the question, the same question over and over without the Premier giving any answer except .... I see your leader is not here.

Laurie Throness, who spoke against the transgender rights Act, didn't, doesn't, appear to have the balls to back up his responsibility to all British Columbians by his deliberately leaving the chamber in order not to have a black mark lodged against the BC Liberals. 

Laurie Throness' duty is to vote, come hell or high water, its in his bible.

Throness was in the building!  Throness WAS IN THE BUILDING up until Speaker Linda Reid called for the vote.   Admonishment?  Not bloody likely by the speaker.

The $50,000 stipend paid to Christy Clark for her working the BC Liberal fund raising circuit proves that the only family that comes first in British Columbia is her party membership family.  eg. helicoptering to Haida Gwaii to dole out $150,000 during a local election.  Source of authorization has never been provided.

Christy Clark's handler Ben Chin has always found a way to fly the Premier anywhere in the Province to fulfill her re-election dreams with multiple photo ops, but on this occasion Clark, like Throness, chose to leave the chambers.

Vaughn Palmer
Clark slips up, skips Transgender vote:

There was no reason for premier to put money ahead of this issue


davemj said...

How the hell can a person get this out to the general public,A person cant dream up enough foul words to describe this poor excuse of a human being! no soul,no empathy,demoniac personality, without a doubt demented!! as is her brother!! miscreants the pair,They remind me of these cult leaders that suck there followers in with there sociopath helpers, some times with disastrous results

e.a.f. said...

davemj, its just that some families are more first than others and Christy's is first and then all her financial supporters and amongst those are those who own the MSM. About the only newspaper in the province which even prints anything less than flattering is the Black Press group, which will print letters to the editor which provide information and does from time to time do editorials which are not flattering to Christy and her cabal.

Christy needs that money, the $50K per year. Her kid goes to St. George's the most expensive boys private school in the province. Not only do parents pay the tuition, but are required to make substantial "donations" to the school, so lets just say she is just another single mother trying to get her kid a decent education. Well she and her party have done a really good job of destroying public education, so if you can raise an extra $50K a year to send your kid to private school, why not. Also I'[m sure Christy needs a shit load of money to pay for all that Jeviderm shot into her face. It isn't cheap you know. then there is the cost of her tacky wardrobe and who knows what else.

Its just not Christy, she has a whole caucus who thinks all of this is O.KI. and then we have the voters of the province who have been voting the B.C. >Lieberals into office for the past 15 years and keeping them there, so everybody in cacus and those who vote for her, must think all of what goes on with Christy must be o.K.