Friday, May 6, 2016

Christy Clark's BC Liberals cash cows: All Registered within the National Pollutant Release Inventory

Yes Christy, there is this way to make a correlation between polluters and donations to your political party, and look statistically at how much, by the year, via Elections BC 'FRPC' aka Financial Reports Political Contribution system, as to how much has been collected.

This Post is not to do with 'Pollutant Releases Inventory' but it is an easy way to see where the industry of Mining is occurring, and therefore the Names of the companies which donates, possibly, to a party of their choice, the decision makers, those that write the laws of our Province.

Canada's National Pollutant Release Inventory  just all seems ready made to bring it all together, like a glove, handouts accepted gladly.
The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is Canada's legislated, publicly-accessible inventory of pollutant releases and transfers. For 2012, over 300 substances were listed on the NPRI and over 7,000 facilities reported to the program.

These Google Earth™ map layers were created by Environment Canada to show the location of facilities reporting to the NPRI and their pollutant release, disposal and recycling information for 2012.

The icons for facilities are colour-coded according to industrial sector. Click on a facility name or "Placemark" to see a summary of reported release, disposal, and recycling information for that facility. To search by name for specific facilities that reported to the NPRI, type "CTRL+F" and enter the facility name into the search option box.

For more information on how to use this map layer, please see the 
NPRI Map Layers for use with Google Earth™ page.

Close up on Fort St. John:

Standing back and looking at British Columbia and Alberta (contributors to BC Liberal Party) the big spenders are coming to spread their yellow colour, oh wait, they're already here.  No wonder Alberta is broke.

Click on a dot in the NPRI Google Map and the reports are presented:

For example: Vancouver Island's   Catalyst  contributed   $16,100.00 to the BC Liberals

For example Mount Polley's  Imperial Metals     $186,300.00

For example  Kinder Morgan's Sulphur at mouth of Burrard Inlet   .... no sulphur listed
   but FRPC:     $28,888.00

Andrew Coyne: Wynne shamed into campaign financing changes while Clark just shrugs

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