Friday, April 29, 2016

Which Hat is Christy Clark wearing on Trade Missions, all expenses funded by Taxpayers of BC, not the BC Liberal Party?

It gets confusing when Christy Clark spends 70 to 80 hours a week dithering between the Premier's job, and the BC Liberal Party as their Leader, a cake walk that guarantees her an extra $50,000 from her secret admirers to pay for the gas on HER car, not the Government supplied vehicle we hope. 
Deputy Premier Rich Coleman defended the party paying Clark. “It’s also been pretty common that the leaders have some sort of stipend, because it’s like having two jobs and they spend probably 70 or 80 hours a week working,” he told reporters. “It’s a job that’s basically two jobs in one.”
Within the physical structure of the Premier's offices in Victoria and Vancouver is there another office within the office for the Leader of the BC Liberal Party?

Does the same hold true to her Constituency office?  Is there an inner office paying rent, a stipend, to the Constituency Office?  Does the same hold true for BC Liberal MLA's who happen to be Ministers? Do they split their time, equally, between the 'two jobs' as Coleman suggests,  fundraising?

What business, on behalf of all British Columbians is transpiring with Cabinet Ministers Todd Stone, Terry Lake, Peter Fassbender, Norm Letnick, Suzanne Anton that can't be done in Victoria but can only be done in Kamloops for a Fundraiser?  On who's dime did they travel, by plane, train, or car?  At private functions they are not an MLA, not a Minister, just an ordinary person, who may or may not being running in 2017. Campaigning under the flag of being the MINISTER, is there a split 'stipend' of disclosed?

A tax receipt will be issued for the 2016 tax season

Just how many of those after hour junkets, the number provided by Deputy Premier Rich Coleman, is spent on each category?

The pay for being the Premier is $190,000 and being the Leader of the Party she is paid an additional $50,000.

Let's just round the   $190,000 up to $200,000;

$50,000 from the BC Liberal Party equates to a quarter of her time spent on raising funds for the next provincial election ... after hours of being the Premier, which is, supposedly, 24/7.

The Premier's Trade Missions with all expenses of Travel are covered by the Taxpayer, does the Premier take off her hat and then replace it with the Tourist / BC Liberal Leader Hat?   How many hours does Christy Clark work, exactly, for each category of mixing partisan work with non-partisan? A public figure who is splitting herr time between opposing factors, Public and Private, the trade route way complete with her hard hat should be required to punch the clock of time of arrival and and time of departure, in her case multiple ins and outs.   The ever electioneering Premier crosses the lines, blurs the picture far too much.  She's either here for the people 100% or not at all.


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