Monday, April 11, 2016

hockey bags full of money not seen by Edgewater - Paragon Gaming cameras?


Edgewater’s top criminal-incident ranking, Paragon Gaming Corp. spokeswoman Tamara Hicks said the casino has a safe environment, a product of its advanced security and surveillance system and highly trained staff.

“Our security systems are very comparable, if not stronger, than a bank,” she said. “We track everything. The cameras are there. You can’t go to the bathroom without being watched.


 As to stuffing the hockey bags with dirty laundry or money ....... and recording that information by cameras

Judge raps police for using casino cameras to read suspect's texts    

By Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun November 11, 2014

........In his ruling, Bowden said casinos rely on high levels of security to detect cheating, money laundering, and other public safety threats. "The Crown's position is that there can be no expectation of privacy in a casino in British Columbia," he wrote.

The casino camera operators could zoom in on Wiwchar's cellphone and read both messages he was sending out, and incoming messages from others. This would be no different, the Crown argued, than someone looking over his shoulder while he was typing.

Bowden, however, sided with defence lawyer Simon Buck, who argued his client had a reasonable expectation of privacy when sending and receiving texts on his phone, even if he was doing this inside a camera-ladened casino.

"There is no evidence to suggest that a person standing close to the applicant could have read the messages," the judge added.

Instead of photographing the text messages, police should have used the more traditional method of obtaining copies from his cellphone service provider, Bowden concluded. ......


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The RCMP won’t go after a man who bilked more than 100 people out of nearly $12 million, a decision that emphasizes the lack of will to tackle white-collar crime.
See Steve brown comment 4 from top