Wednesday, March 2, 2016

So youWant to Be a Videographer for the BC Liberal Government. Have we got a job for YOU!

Christy Clark has her personal Videographer, and so has Health Minister Terry Lake with thousands of mini documentaries on bungled firings, slicing and dicings.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone has his very own '22 Minutes' to share, if you have the time.  Its a dash FILM camera      tripping out  from Osoyoos to Kelowna with the original money coming out from Premier W.A.C. Bennett's wallet, not the Office's.

Transportation Investment Corporation CEO Mike Proudfoot 'toll collector' spends his time promoting Kiewit FlatIron builders of the Port Mann Bridge without a hint of the infamous Ice Bombs fiasco explained.

22 Minute video, 1963, digitized with money that came from your MSP premiums this year.

Energy Minister Bill Bennett, no relation to anyone, hired a videographer to record Gordo-Spitting-on-Bill - The Proof.

Rich Coleman's Videographer? A re-edit of 'LNG Gone with the Wind to Haida Gwaii'.  And a sequel to the spell binding tale of 'Gone on the Wind: LNG and Prosperity Fun in our lifetime'  with Pamela Martin narrating.

1966 Lytton to Revelstoke

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