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In honour of Premier Christy Clark the City of North Vancouver has renamed Mosquito Creek to 'Seven Year Itch'

Did you know that Canada has 23 Creeks named 'Mosquito', 9 in British Columbia?  (Place Names)

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Seven Year Itch as defined by  Wikipedia:
The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage. The phrase originated as a name for irritating and contagious skin complaints of a long duration.

Premier Gordon Campbell should have adhered to the Seven Year Itch theory and left office with honour rather than waiting until he came up with the hare-brain idea of introducing the HST tax after being elected to another term with a Balanced Budget.  Finance Minister Colin Hansen didn't see it on his RADAR after the election.   Finance Deputy Minister Graham Whitmarsh's RADAR was working perfectly, overtime, to find enough cash to provide the election promise of a Balanced Budget.  The Answer:  $1.8 billion signing bonus with Stephen Harper's Conservative if British Columbia went to the HST model without telling voters.

Graham Whitmarsh!!?  The same guy was involved with the firings of the Health Researchers and dumped unceremoniously, with full pay, from any responsibilities by the newly elected Leader Christy Clark until she won her own mandate in 2013.   Then she fired him.  If she had fired him before the election then that could have been used by the oppositions to used as proof of a corrupt government.

Whitmarsh maintains to this day, vocally, that he was NOT responsible for the Health Researcher Firings, AND he will only answer, publicly, when there is an OPEN investigation without there being a muzzle on the investigator via terms of reference written by Premier Christy Clark.

Christy Clark's recently departed left hand man Dyble wrote an 'unbiased' report on their/his handling of the firings, and in the process, exonerated the Government.

Timeline of Health Researchers firings - CBC

Premier Christy Clark Barks
Chief of Staff Ken Bosenkool would have been the better person as her right hand grrrr.... man to do a review but he left earlier by having to do a soft fall on his rubber sword, and without being required to leave a trace on his Post-It-Notes of what he actually did to earn $250,000 per year.  MORE importantly, not explaining the WHY of his sudden departure.  It was all kept confidential. Hush Hush.  Christy Clark, his Employer, explained the circumstances to the Press which is the responsibility on the Government's part to protect the privacy of OIC employees.  There were TWO.  Complainant Jane D. and Respondent Ken K.   His sudden disappearance may have had more to do with the historical fallout from court proceeding regarding a previous government  .... Robin Blencoe, and of course there's ....... Brian Bonney and company, coming soon to a Court near you, Smithers????.



 Christy Clark’s Surrogates Dialing-for-Dollars…for Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney   In case the new job figures aren’t a big enough shock for you (since Christy Clark became premier, 45,000 jobs vaporized from the private sector in BC) try this bombshell on for size… After Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney were axed from their respective positions for playing central roles in the ‘Ethnogate’ scandal, Christy Clark […]

Author: AGT Date: Friday, May 10, 2013
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Christy Clark Said What About Breaking the Law??? LOL!!!     

Back to the real Mosquito Creek, the nine place names in British Columbia. ....... there are over 100 Mosquito  names in Canada, but only nine 'Creeks' in BC.

It has been suggested, within the BC Liberal Party ranks, that  there should be more geographical  places named  after their past premiers and ministers.  Ironically, two bridges that will always be toll free-enterprises is the Bill Bennett (Premier) in Kelowna and Alex Fraser (Highway Minister) in Surrey.   South of Fraser commuters can forget about regional tolls for $1 for all.  The price will be equal to current crossing tolls on the Port Mann AND the opportunity to skim some of that money off to balance the provincial budgets.


North Shore News, Letter to the Editor: 'Mosquito' an ill-chosen moniker

 For years I have often wondered why the City of North Vancouver named public parks and areas after mosquitoes – Mosquito Creek, Mosquito Creek Marina, etc. To me those names had a negative connotation and for anyone with an allergy to mosquitoes, we avoid places where they might be.

Most of us are aware mosquitoes can cause serious illness (such as malaria) and even death. The mosquito-borne Zika Virus is currently spreading explosively throughout more than two dozen countries with a number of (travel-related) cases now discovered in Canada.


Travel advisories have been posted for pregnant women travelling South due to insurance coverage.

Given the negative connotation of the name, I would like to ask: is it not time to rename the mosquito-named areas to something more appropriate? 

Keep in mind that the 'Deas Island Tunnel' is not its official.  The correct name: George Massey Tunnel.  A tunnel suggests to the mind's eye a tunnel.

On the other hand if the City of North Vancouver is serious about renaming their Mosquito Creek after Christy .... there still might be an image problem...... of a seven-year itch of a mosquito or the Zika Virus


Anonymous said...

What happens if the 'City of North Vancouver' changes the name to 'Christy Clark Creek' and the 'District of North Vancouver' chooses to leave the name as 'Mosquito Creek'?

North Van's Grumps said...

They'll bring in the SWAT team!

e.a.f. said...

mosquitos and Christy Clark are both irritants. both ought to leave the province.

Anonymous said...

Marital status:
Marriage lasted seven years;
Single Mom seven years and counting

North Van's Grumps said...

And for the ladies and children but mostly associated with the man in the family having cut himself while shaving .... toilet paper is so so passe to stop the bleeding, there's the styptic pencil , anticoagulant, antihemorrhagic

When camping in Yoho, Jasper or Banff National Parks we would quarter the $4.00 white stick and use it to stop the mosquito bite from itching. Just wet the skin locally and wipe once or twice the pencil. Done. Good Night Irene.