Monday, March 14, 2016

Elections BC ENDORSES worthy Candidates: A breath of Fresh Air just like BlueShore Financial

If you don't have shares in the North Shore Credit Union, now known as Blue Shore Financial, then this might not be of interest to you, but if you'd like to see something like this election practice at other levels of governing, eg. School Board, Park Board, Municipal, Provincial and Federal elections where they do have an overseeing entities to ensure fair play on spending amounts, never a sign of bias .... like a candidate showing up with 72  brown bag lunches for Party Scrutineers..... except for a Premier visitor, photo op Christy... and WHO told the Press.... to be at the .... public School ....

No Candidate within 100 METRES of a Voting Booth Christy     not even a 100 FEET

The Public would be best served by having a BlueShore Financial Election Committee that would almost guarantee that there are no skeletons in the closet .... like comments on Facebook or a blog ... that might have a devastating consequences for the party because of their lax screening programs.

Blue Shore Financial Election Committee takes the time to ENDORSE candidates over others.  In their mailed out pitch to member/voter in a six page brochure the Committee makes sure that the ones they are backing are highlighted in CAPITAL letters and if you're in doubt as to why three out of four have the word ENDORSE against their names the reader has to back track to the previous page for the explanation.

It may take two or more readings to discover the difference between ENDORSE and  ________.  Hint look for lower case      endorse    

 On-line rendition doesn't have a glitzy brochure such as the home delivered hard copy
After careful consideration and review, the Committee (Elections BC) identified three candidate best able to meet the competencies required. The Committee (Elections BC) decided to endorse three candidates for elections to the Board of Directors in 2016. Two of these candidates are the Directors with expiring terms whose contributions, engagement and expertise have been clearly demonstrated. With the exception of one individual, the remaining nominees chose not to stand for election. The Committee (Elections BC) thanks all nominees for their interest in the governance of the Credit Union and in serving on the BlueShore Financial Board. 

In Electionese Alphabetical order .... sort of A, B, M, W    facing pages 1 A, B  to  2 M, W

Allan Achtemichuk - ENDORSED 

Jim Boyd

Left Page 1
Julie McGill - ENDORSED

Victoria Withers - ENDORSED

Right Page 2

 If only Elections BC and Elections Canada took the trouble to ENDORSE one candidate over others in the same riding it would make the choice for provincial and federal Voters so much easier.

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