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Barry Penner new Political Master of ICBC apt description: a 'Fast Ferry Project on Land' - 2003

Chair:  Harry Bloy




Issue No. 14

ISSN 1499-4194

          Barry. Penner: I understand your challenge of dealing with that shopping centre (Surrey Place Mall), because the whole project has been described as the fast ferry project on land. I'm not asking you to comment on that, but I realize you have a significant problem to deal with that was not your own making, that was foisted upon you by previous political masters.

           N. Geer:
We'll make the right business decision for our customers and properly manage it. It's a wonderful building. I hate to use derogatory terms, because we're attempting to lease it. When you attempt to lease it to a new customer and you use derogatory terms, it's self-defeating. I don't want to get involved in derogatory terms as we're attempting to make a good business decisionif we could, Barry. - 
Crown Corporations Page 210  near bottom  Link  UPDATED August 30, 2013  

You won't find the last link connecting because like the BC Liberals triple deleting of emails to defeat FOI requests, the BC Legislature boss Craig James or is it James Craig, the mouse that counted every letter, every space, eliminated every acronym like HST which then sent former Premier Bill Vander Zalm's forces back to the drawing board to eliminate, to rid us of another tax, not on my radar tax..... 

Today's James / Craig  has revamped every link that has ever been made in Hansard that now results in either a 404 response or a blank page.

Go figure

We included the ISSN 1499-4194 in the original post, luckily, but the final solution still ends up with 46 documents to search through for the land based    ICBC  vs Fast Ferry        comment by Penner

Third, fourth page of Hansard's 46 pages

The Straight on Penner's appointment to Chair of ICBC 2016

Google search  barry penner icbc

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