Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Premier Christy Clark and Health Minister Terry Lake promises 65,000 more MRI over the next four years

 Finance Minister Mike de Jong, is he playing politics with our lives when it comes to his  finding a way to pay for Premier Christy Clark's promise of providing 65,000 more MRI over the course of the next four years?   The Finance Minister's allotted $20,000,000 for the increase of 65,000 MRI which will overlap the next government mandate of four years.

The timing is just a coincidence, right.   An election promise a year in advance?  Right now its all strategy talk, no action.  Of course there's the other dilemma, finding a way to double the amount of radiologists because one radiologists opinion must be verified by a second radiologist because of the fiasco that happened three years ago of misreading the images in regards to CANCER patients.

Perianal fistulization is an inflammatory condition that affects the region around the anal canal, causing significant morbidity and often requiring repeated surgical treatments due to its high tendency to recur. To adopt the best surgical strategy and avoid recurrences, it is necessary to obtain precise radiologic information about the location of the fistulous track and the affected pelvic structures. Until recently, imaging techniques played a limited role in evaluation of perianal fistulas. However, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging now provides more precise information on the anatomy of the anal canal, the anal sphincter complex, and the relationships of the fistula to the pelvic floor structures and the plane of the levator ani muscle. MR imaging allows precise definition of the fistulous track and identification of secondary fistulas or abscesses. It provides accurate information for appropriate surgical treatment, decreasing the incidence of recurrence and allowing side effects such as fecal incontinence to be avoided. Radiologists should be familiar with the anatomic and pathologic findings of perianal fistulas and classify them using the St James’s University Hospital MR imaging–based grading system.
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 BC Province launches MRI strategy, funds increased number of scans

Demand for medical imaging in B.C. has never been greater. Premier Christy Clark and Health Minister Terry Lake today announced a new four-year strategy for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services to help health authorities increase patient access to MRI scans.

“With an ageing population, health authorities face increasing demand for medical imaging services,” said Premier Clark. “This is what having a strong, growing economy allows us to do – invest in a new strategy to address waitlists throughout the province, and continue to deliver the services British Columbians depend on."

“We recognize that access to MRIs has been a challenge and this strategy will make sure we better meet the health care needs of British Columbians now and into the future,” said Health Minister Lake. “By improving how we manage MRI diagnostics, we can provide families with peace of mind that comes with faster diagnosis and treatment.”

The MRI strategy takes a two-pronged approach. The first priority is to increase the number of scans—adding up to 65,000 more annually by the end of four years to help address increasing demand and existing wait lists. The ministry and health authorities will also review the governance, service delivery and funding models for MRIs, to ensure an accessible, sustainable medical imaging system.

“We see the difference access to MRIs make in the lives of patients each and every day,” said Dr. Stuart Silver, clinical section head and acting medical director, medical imaging services, Island Health. “On the ground, we look forward to the strategy enhancing patient care and improving speed of diagnosis to get people back to their lives.”  Snip... Snip...Snip

Photos provided by Clark, Lake and de Jong's GCPE would look Oh So much better if there was a person in the MRI rather than having it sitting idle, instead they leave it up to the viewers to imagination that they could be there, right now, its EMPTY. 

 A Stock photo provided by the MRI manufacturer????  How about Christy as a model? 

The MRI bed looks great, much better than giving the Public the facts when it comes to how many bodies are out of sight, out of mind, lying on the morgue slabs just before the autopsy is about to begin.... with the added touch of the block holding up the skull.   

In a few hours the undertakers take over for the grieving families and then the cremated ashes ...... put to rest at the foot of the Re-opened Kitsilano Beach Coast Guard facility to allow the 'ashes to ashes'; the 'dust to dust'; to float along the shore of English Bay's outgoing tide all due to cemetery overcrowding.

Forget about those 65,000 MRI that are servicing the other 64,999 before you get the call.

Think about the one you needed yesterday.

Think about  today (not two years later for the MSP lottery to kick in)

There is the paid for by YOU, privately.  Cost $850.

For a senior, there is a 'substantial savings', costing $760, depending of course on the anatomy eg. pelvis.  IF a dye needs to be injected, no matter what the ages of the consumer-patient, there is an additional fee of $250.

Keeping things in perspective, we consulted our Bookkeeper, not the Finance Minister, nor the Health Minister:
The privately paid for MRI saves you a 2 yr wait, that's 730 days of pain, reduced mobility, worrying. It probably works out from about a $1.50 to $3.00 a day of you waiting and its not getting the problem solved. The longer it takes to find out, the longer it will take to heal.
Based on that logic and using the Finance Minister's contribution of Twenty Million over Four year, and the price we paid privately for YESTERDAY (we feel like an NHL player)(or former BC Liberal Environment Minister Barry Penner), BUT.....:

65,000 MRIs would be $50,700,000, which is a far cry from the infusion (Not Guaranteed) to the Public Health care system of $20,000,000.   

Twenty Million Dollars would get the politicians 25,641 MRI votes.   Surely the Private system doesn't have the overhead of a hospital?  Isn't that why WorkSafeBC uses private facilities, they're mandated by the BC Government to go private, instead of public facilities? Get the workers back to work.  Deep-Six all others.

I'd be looking for a 50% refund of $380 on the MSP because we're not getting 'Value for Money' as the BC Liberals have been promising with their second New Era since 2001.

Oh wait a minute, we forgot about the Mining resource companies who have been offered a deal on their BC Hydro Electricity billing, deferral for twenty years, or when they start to show a profit..... what's that magic bullet that Christy keeps talking about...... PROSPERITY FUN!!! to the rescue.,


e.a.f. said...

and don't forget Christy, photo op queen has to ensure the film industry continues to receive all those cheques. Lets see, 3 years ago those film companies received approx. $286M and then last year it was up to $600M. Of course films give Christy photo ops and MRIs, well its just sick people and if they die, then the government doesn't even have to provide them healthcare. Works out real well for the B.C. Lieberals.

Face it Terry and Christy and the rest of them do have a problem when it comes to adding and subtracting and running the business of government. But what the hell, the people of B.C. voted them into office so they must like the 2 year waits for MRIs.

Anonymous said...

Well, my 20 year old daughter needed an MRI due to seizure. The wait time was 10 months. We had it the next day at a private clinic, cost was $850.00. We could not continue a normal, stress free life for 10 months not knowing if she had major problems. Gave up a camping vacation. Thanks