Monday, February 29, 2016

MLA Pre-Apprentice Christy Clark with a Porter-Cable BN200c Brad Nailer .... powered with in-house hot air

 "We have that one and that one  ....." a BC Liberal New Era Team campaign promise

Photo Op Queen
April fool 2001
Who is dumb enough to drive a nail in the middle of a styrofoam sign without "backing"?

Summit Tools

Our four year old grandson can name every item in the Summit Tool catalogues and knows which ones need various components to make them whole to function as a TEAM.  He also knows, even as a bystander, that the brad nailer requires personal safety goggles, ear muffs, a hard hat and a whole lot of RESPECT, for the tool, its not a game.

He knows that it requires an airline hose, connected to a compressor which is plugged into a wall outlet for electricity and NOT plugged into an extension line.

Without nails, why put on a show of getting the job half done.

Best of all he knows that at the end of 'our' work day we will have something that was accomplished together with memories that will last a lifetime.

Given a bag of roofing nails, for the backyard driftwood-ship-forecastle-deck fort, he only 'needed' one lesson to know the penalty of losing sight the nail head within his grasp.

How many Members of the British Columbia Legislature have their working life roots in the Trades?

April fool 2001
No Airline

No Compressor

No Electricity (gone to power non-existent 2016 LNG projects by Site C)

No Nails

No Eye protection  (WorkSafeBC)

No Ear Muffs         (WorkSafeBC)

No Hard Hat    (until 2013, Not CSA approved)

The Subliminal Message is that someone who wears a WHITE hard hat is the BOSS, without Trade experience.

On BC Election 2013 campaign trail Clark says LNG worth $30 Trillion over 30 years in the early days of BC Election

PS.  The Best place to get quality ear muffs for children, made for children, is the Gun shops, not Walmart or Canadian Tire.

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e.a.f. said...

that was fun!

empty and dump. no safety line, sounds like her economic plan. All LNG, no money.
Now we have Site C, guess with the foreign workers coming, they'll just show them pictures of Christy, see you don't need safety gear, the premier doesn't. Must be why the courts ruled the hazardous material laws were too "confusing" for Americans. They all must have gone to the Christy Clark school of trades,

Do you think there is a chance we can get the grandkid to run for premier. we know he's smarter than the current premier, queen of the photo ops.