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"BC Hydro Quick Facts for Year End"; No mention of Columbia River Treaty Agreement Ending in 2024 AND that's why Site C is being built

a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business.

"Mr. Harrison was a regular customer at BC Hydro"
Neither a Mr. Harrison's dependents, nor his Home Stay students from overseas, nor his illegal suite tenants are mentioned as being 'customers'.   They enjoy the benefits of BC Hydro electricity, but individually they don't buy the goods from the BC Hydro store.  Mr. Harrison does.   

BC Hydro's Quick Facts advertising on a two page document claim they have 4 million customers on page 1 and on the back side the number is less than two million.

Page 1:  4.0 Million (2015)

Page 2: 1,935,254 (2015)
BC Hydro definition of its Customers:
Residential, Light industrial and commercial, large industrial, Other, Trade

Sales in Quebec December 2010 and 2011:  GWh    169,966 and 169,495
Sales Quebec Export to Canada and United States 2010 and 2011: GWh  23,270 and 26,763

BC Hydro:    GWh Between 43,000 and 56,000

Site C  4,600 GWh


Serving 95% of the Population??      5% Fortis??
BC Hydro is one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, serving 95 per cent of B.C.’s population and delivering electricity safely and reliably at competitive rates to approximately 1.9 million customers. Nearly 90 per cent of customer accounts are residential, with the remainder either commercial or industrial. Each of these three groups consumes roughly one third of the total electricity supplied.   (roughly one third each??)

Over 95 per cent of the electricity generated by BC Hydro comes from hydroelectric facilities (IPP included??), which are located throughout the Peace, Columbia and Coastal regions of B.C.   Three thermal generating plants produce the remainder (Diesel too??).
BC Hydro: One of the largest electricity utilities in Canada??  

8 (Eight) from North America have been chosen by BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett.

Quebec Hydro's yearly comparison study uses 22, not 21, electric utilities.

 The Two Asterisks??
Fine Print:  ** Out of 21 22 North American Utilities surveyed for the 2014 Comparison of Electricity Rates in Major North American Cities by Hydro Quebec.

Interactive Map: The cost of Electricity, City by City - William Wolfe Wiley

Map Link
22 Cities across North America with
As of February 15, 2016

CBC (2011) Quebec Hydro Powerhouse of Canada

BC Hydro asks the Question:

Have you ever wondered how our rates compare?

And then they cherry pick seven to show an upper trend without showing 22.

Calgary?  Within the Top Seven?

Interactive Map data February 18, 2016   Calgary within Top Seven

Calgary within the Top Seven?
Only available in 2015?

BC Hydro's spelling of comparison as compaision .....?
Maybe the technician was using subliminal messaging:  Compassion .... to help with BC Hydro's image?

Manitoba Hydro

Alberta power rates among highest in country; deregulated market blamed for price spikes

Google Search Criteria:  Why is Montreal and Winnipeg electric bills per kwh cheaper than BC


Residential Bill Calculations

One Month Bill For

375 kWh    750 kWh    1,000 kWh  2,000 kWh   5,000 kWh


Norman Farrell
In-Sight February 29, 2016


Lew said...

A true comparison would address what our rates would be if BC Hydro wasn't hiding massive debt that must be paid some day by BC's ratepayers.

e.a.f. said...

Lew, I don't think we will be paying for that debt in the usual manner. Bankruptcy might be the only solution. We're going to be Detroit North by the time the photo op queen is through with this province.