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Ontario McGuinty Staff: Don Guy (Chief of Staff), Laura Miller (Deputy Chief of Staff), Dave Gene Who: Gas plant Triple Deleting fiasco passed onto BC

We do not, and never will, accept the proposition that the business of the public is none of the public’s business.  -  Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner  Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. - June 5, 2015

Did Laura Miller and her associates, triple delete emails in Ontario, and then scurry over to help Premier Christy Clark in the BC Liberal Party headquarters 2013 Election?
Don Guy, recently parachuted in to handle communications and research for Ms. Clark’s election campaign.  - Globe and Mail

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Huffington Post

Don Guy: McGuinty's Very Own Prince of Darkness
Posted: 08/13/2013 5:23 pm EDT Updated: 10/13/2013 5:12 am EDT

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....... According to recently disclosed e-mails between Don Guy and his deputies Laura Miller and Dave Gene, it appears that Don Guy had Miller send Dave Gene over to Speaker Levac to discuss the possibility of Levac changing his ruling.

I definitely agree with NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson, when he referred to the actions of Guy, Miller and Gene. He stated:
"They were trying to obstruct the parliamentary process and bully the Speaker to change his ruling," Mr. Bisson said. "That's pretty serious stuff, and akin to somebody going to a judge and trying to influence a judge on a decision."

It appears that Guy, Miller and Gene may have crossed the line here. These are not political tricks or technical breaches of obscure parliamentary procedures. This action appears to be an attempt to influence an impartial judicial/administrative officer of the Parliament. An independent body should be called in to investigate this action.
Though Speaker Levac held his ground and ruled against Bentley and ordered the release of all the relevant documents relating to the subject gas plants, this ruling did not deter Don Guy and his merry band.

According to the released emails, Don Guy's next devious ploy was to manipulate the press by having the McGuinty government announce feel-good policies, in order to divert attention from the September 24, 2012 deadline for release of the gas plant documents established by Speaker Levac.

As reported in the Globe and Mail, around this time, the McGuinty government announced the banning of the use of tanning beds by people under the age of 18. Which according to one of McGuinty's political operatives, in an e-mail would "make a fabulous headline in Saturday papers."

The strategy worked. Most major newspapers, including The Globe and Mail, carried the story. But tanning beds turned out to be a fleeting distraction.

With the September 24 deadline for release of documents looming, Don Guy then had Miller try to strong arm the Liberals' own House Leader John Milloy, to delay the September 24 release on the basis of a different interpretation of the Speaker's ruling and contrary to Milloy's own interpretation of the Speaker's ruling.

Noting that Milloy failed to follow Guy's wishes, Miller wrote in an email, that in future the House Leader will not speak for the party. In effect, she and Guy were trying to muzzle the public pronouncements of their own House Leader.

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Adam Radwanski
Globe and Mail:

Ontario Liberal insiders paid millions in publicly funded deals

Published Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014 6:00AM EDT 

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..... While there is no indication that any of the transactions were illegitimate, the lack of transparency makes it difficult to determine what services were provided at taxpayers’ expense.

During The Globe’s review, sources who previously worked as senior political staff said they were offered “top-ups” to their salaries through contracts that would never have to be made public.

The Globe review follows a criminal probe that helped bring to light the fact that nearly $160,000 in public funds were paid through a numbered company to Peter Faist, the boyfriend of a (Laura Miller???) deputy chief of staff to Mr. McGuinty, for IT services that police believe led to the destruction of government records. (Mr. Faist was not the subject of the investigation, and police have not accused him of any wrongdoing.) Multiple sources told The Globe and Mail the contract was not an isolated incident.

Such arrangements have been hidden from view because they have been paid out of legislative funds given to each party for spending on the needs of their caucuses, which are not subject to freedom-of-information rules or other transparency measures that apply to government expenditures. Nor are they subject to conflict-of-interest rules.



Cover-up discovered

Although 56,500 documents had been tabled from the Ministry of Energy and the OPA to comply with the May 16, 2012 motion of the Estimates Committee of the Legislature, none of the documents came from the political staff in the Minister's Office. The Justice Committee asked the former Chief of Staff Craig MacLennan to give testimony.

At a meeting of Justice Policy Committee of the Legislature on April 9, 2013 NDP MPP Peter Tabuns asked the former Chief of Staff to the Minister of Energy why the political staffer had provided no documents. MacLennan replied: "I didn’t have any responsive documents. I regret that I didn’t have any responsive documents. My colleague coordinated the search in the office. All I can speak to is what my work habit is, which is to keep a clean inbox. I always have worked that way."[20]

Take [20]   Triple Deleting Files from Staff   a British Columbia version of GCPE and staff, but within the Premier's Office of Ontario

Inbox is kept clean???? No mention on an Outbox, eh?

Ontario response to Deleting Emails:

"Deleting Accountability : Records Management Practices of Political Staff" (PDF). Ipc.on.ca. Retrieved 2015-10-21.
Commissioner’s Message
I do not need to emphasize how disturbing the intentional deletion of government business records is in a free and democratic society. As I have stated in this Report, the practice of deleting records undermines the very foundation of freedom of information legislation, and the principles of government transparency and accountability that the legislation supports. I am reminded of the comment made by the Honourable Ian Scott, the Attorney General of Ontario, between 1985 and 1990, on the introduction of Ontario’s FIPPA in the Legislature. He stated:

We do not, and never will, accept the proposition that the business of the public is none of the public’s business.

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