Tuesday, November 17, 2015

South Island Agregates aka Cobble HIll Holdings Ltd. Contaminators should be paying for the full clean-up, not dumping in a watershed

Expo 86 lands were found to be contaminated, a deal was in the offing by the BC Socreds to sell the property to an off-shore investor for $50 million, one problem, the buyer didn't want any part of the cleanup costs that should have been borne by the previous owner.

The Expo Land was assembled by the BC Socreds after purchasing it from the companies that had spent 100 years polluting, contaminating the soil, water and foreshore.

Problem for the Buyer was waived because the Socreds introduced a Bill that forced the environment responsibility onto the current owners of property eg. British Columbian Taxpayers:  Cost: $51 million.

How is it then that contaminated soils and ASH are being dumped into an old quarry site above Shawnigan Lake and totally ignore the responsibility of treatment that should be borne by developers from where the material is coming from.

Is it possible to ascertain the sources of the contaminate so that lawsuits may launched against them for violation of environment laws that were written in 1986? 

Minister Mary Polak
In August of 2013, South Island Aggregates/Cobble Hill Holdings was granted a permit to receive contaminated soils and ash and process it through bioremediation or landfilling, and discharge treated effluent to an ephemeral stream. The permit was appealed and the Environmental Appeal Board upheld the permit decision, and the permit was amended on June 4, 2015 to incorporate additional requirements as directed by the Environmental Appeal Board. Below is a list of FAQ’s for this site, as well as documents relating to the original permit application, and ongoing oversight of the permit by the Ministry of Environment.
February 1, 2017 the information below has been deleted, but the WayBack Machine has it but then all the links have been deleted too

 June 4, 2015
 Reports and Information Sheets related to South Island Aggregates/Cobble Hill Holdings

Surface Stormwater Quality at Cobble Hill Holdings - November 2015
November 17, 2015 File: PR-105809
Cassandra Caunce
Director, Compliance Section
Environmental Protection Regional Operations
Ministry of Environment
RE: Surface Stormwater Quality at Cobble Hill Holdings November 14, 2015; Metals, TSS and Turbidity
Runoff was observed leaving the west boundary of Cobble Hill Holdings quarry site (PR-105809) following a heavy rainfall event November 12 & 13, 2015. Ministry staff were on site to sample and observe conditions on November 14, 2015. At that time, a very low volume trickle was observed leaving the site though it was evident that higher flow was present prior to constructed channeling. The purpose of sampling was to determine whether the subsequent runoff had contacted landfilled material and whether it meets ambient water quality guidelines.  SNIP

MLA Andrew Weaver: 
  On the Wisdom of Dumping Contaminated soils in the Shawnigan Lake Watershed
On August 21, 2013 the Ministry of Environment (MOE) granted South Island Aggregates Ltd. (SIA)/ Cobble Hill Holdings (CHH) a 50-year permit to receive up to 100,000 tons of contaminated soil annually (a total of five million tons). The proposed location of the site for the contaminated soils is the SIA quarry located at 640 Stebbings Road (Lot 23 owned by CHH). This is located off South Shawnigan Lake Road between Shawnigan Lake and Highway 1. SIA proposed to back fill their quarry with contaminated soils while they continued to blast for new aggregate material. The permit was granted subject to “requiring complete containment of the soils to be introduced into the quarry.
Cobble Hill Holdings and Shawnigan Lake

Document Sources within BC Government:

Permit PR-105809 : Cobble Hill Holdings Ltd. (BC0754588), under the provisions of the Environmental Management Act / Ministry of Environment. --
Permit    &   Information bulletin and Figure A & B (in colour)

Ministry assessment : [environmental protection notice : notice of permit 105809 for South Island Aggregates/Cobble Hill Holdings Ltd. at 640 Stebbings Road]. --

Technical assessment for authorization to discharge waste [electronic resource] / Active Earth Engineering Ltd. ; submitted to BC Ministry of Environment, Environmental Management Branch ; prepared for South Island Aggregates Ltd. ; prepared by Matt Pye. --

Technical Assessment   &    Public Consultation Report

Bedrock geology of the South Island Aggregates Stebbings Road Quarry / Kirk Hancock. --
Geology Report   &   Addendum

Summary of public consultations [electronic resource] : application for authorization to discharge waste at 460 Stebbings Road, Shawnigan Lake, BC / submitted to BC Ministry of Environment, Environmental Management Branch ; prepared for South Island Aggregates Ltd. ; prepared by Jeff Taylor. --

Public Consultation Report


e.a.f. said...

it would be nice if the government was sued over this. they knew the risks and chose to ignore it. but then this provincial government has 4 dead kids in government care and its till business as usual. the children whose parents are on welfare, live at 50% below then poverty line. Its like living on starvation wages. Does Christy and her con b.c. lieberals care? Of course not, so what makes anyone think Christy and her con/b.c. lieberals will care about water in B.C. poisoning citizens? Its just business as usual and if a bunch of people and their kids die of cancer, well its just the price of making sure business is taken care of in this province.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an idea of how much GHG is going to be generated by hauling the contaminated soil over the Malahat Highway or is SIA shipping by a gravel barge from Victoria to SIA Bambury dock just down the hill from the disposal site. One other question, SIA works in Washington too, is Shawnigan on the receiving end of contaminated material from outside of Canada and if it is being transported by barge it there an infraction taking place that should be in the hands of Environment Canada, in country or out of ... on the way to